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Professional Workstation for Ableton Live

When working with dozens of tracks and lots of VSTs, Ableton Live needs extremely high-performance computer hardware – and AMD’s Threadripper processors are a perfect fit.


Ableton Live, along with other demanding digital audio workstations (DAWs) like Cubase, Studio One, and Cakewalk, need extremely high-performance computers – especially when working with dozens of tracks and lots of VSTs. AMD’s Threadripper is an ideal processor family for these applications! This mid-tower system is built on that platform and supports up to 64 cores and 512GB of system memory.

For connectivity, this system has numerous USB ports, including two USB 4.0 in the rear, 10Gb wired networking capability, and WiFi. It is also fairly quiet thanks to the use of large cooling fans along with solid side and front panels that help dampen noise.

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