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LSI 9361-4i SAS/SATA RAID Controller
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LSI 9361-4i SAS/SATA RAID Controller

Price: $519.85


Warranty: 30 day DOA warranty, plus any applicable manufacturer warranty.

Manufacturer Description
Model: LSI 9361-4i

Card Specifications
Manufacturer  LSI
Type of Ports  Mini-SAS SFF8643
Number of Ports  1
Port Location(s)  Internal
RAID Modes Supported  0, 1, 5, 6, 10, 50, and 60
Native Supported Disks  4
Maximum Supported Disks  128
Battery Backup Available?  Yes
Slot Style  PCI-Express x8
Form Factor  Low/Full Height
Controller Chip
Brand  LSI
Model  LSISAS3108 dual core RAID on Chip (ROC)
Memory Amount  1024 MB
Memory Expandable?  No
Net Weight  0.331 kg (0.7 lbs)

- Includes FastPath (SSD Optimization)
- Supports CacheVault - LSICVM02
- Supports CacheCade - Either physical key LSI00290 or software license LSI00293


3 Years

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