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The Support department has written a litany of articles detailing various fixes, troubleshooting advice, software guidance, and technologies. We have compiled a list of what we deem the most useful for a new Puget System owner. If you've recently purchased a Puget Systems computer, you may find the following articles very useful as you familiarize yourself with your new build.

Below you will find a few of our favorite articles:

Pro Tips for a new Puget System

So your new Puget System arrived and needless to say you're more than a little excited to get it unboxed and operational. Let's dive in shall we? We have compiled a list of some frequent issues encountered during the setup process and would love to help alleviate some woes during this process. These might seem simple and obvious to some but these computers are highly advanced workstations with components you might be unfamiliar with.

Monitor Cabling

There are a finite number of monitor connections but nonetheless it can seem overwhelming at times. We will break down the common ones currently available and how to identify them. Most systems will use either HDMI or DisplayPort (DP) and we always recommend using direct end to end cabling over the use of adapters or conversions of any kind.

Windows OOBE

When first powering up your system with a Windows installation, you’ll be met with the out of box setup from Microsoft. Much of the process is straight forward but there are some notable features that will impact your Windows experience. We’ve highlighted the steps and information before reaching your desktop.

Windows out of box setup

Backup Components

At some point in time every computer user will encounter some type of system failure. In this article we will cover some of the best items to have on hand in order to prevent downtime in the event of a failure. If your system has a problem the following components are extremely helpful to have on standby for diagnostics.

Home Network Configuration

Getting the best out of your router could help speed up your workflow, reduce frustration, and increase security. With so many of us working from home during this trying time, we saw an opportunity to provide our best recommendations for configuring a fast and secure network, no matter which router you are using.

Wireless Devices & Peripheral advice

As manufacturers offer more devices and peripherals that are wireless, we have seen an increase in the number of our customers who report running into various communication / connection issues with such devices. In this article, I will provide some general information about wireless connections, share common causes for these issues, and offer some solutions.

Operating Systems Migration

This guide will walk through the process of cloning an existing Windows system to a Samsung brand solid-state drive (SSD). Doing this can be a great upgrade for folks currently using a hard drive, since SSDs are much faster, as well as those who have a small SSD already and need to move up to a larger drive.

Peripherals Recommendations

We believe that computers should be a pleasure to purchase and own. Sometimes the devices used alongside your computer can impact the experience just as much as the components inside it. Everyone has unique preferences, but we're aiming to reduce some of the uncertainty about which peripherals to choose – so we've partnered with Amazon to organize a list of devices we are comfortable recommending to pair with your Puget workstation.


Puget Systems employees provide a wealth of knowledge about a wide range of topics so we have curated a few of the articles we think will be most useful for new Puget owners. Hopefully you found a few useful articles but as always, if you have any questions please feel free to reach out to our Puget Systems team.

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