Testimonial Submission

As a customer of Puget Systems, the best way you can help us is to give us your feedback and to tell others about us. A great way to do both at the same time is to submit your opinions about us on a public ratings site like Reseller Ratings! Your submissions on that website are incredibly valuable, and we strongly encourage you to fill out a submission there!

  1. Click here to open Reseller Ratings in a new window.
  2. Login to the Reseller Ratings system.

    • If you have a login on, enter it now
    • If you don’t have a login, click on “Sign up now for free!”
      Reseller Ratings will not use your email address for advertising, nor will they sell it to any mailing list. They simply need a full registration process so that vendors cannot go on the site and make up their own testimonials. By requiring registration and email confirmation, Reseller Ratings is reducing the fraud they need to screen out.
      Important: After you create an account, it will send you an email with a link you must click on to activate your account. If you do not click on this link, your review will not appear!

  3. Read the page, and click next
  4. Enter your information, and most importantly, your mesage! Click next.
  5. Give us your rating, and click next. Continue through each rating page.
    Recommended: Click on “I’d like to stop now” when it appears.

  6. Done! Thank you for your support!