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Warranty Information

The Puget Systems warranty is one of the most comprehensive in the custom PC industry.

  • We pay all U.S. repair shipping and replacement shipping costs for the first 30 days of the warranty term on PCs.
  • All PCs come with lifetime tech support and labor services.
  • We DO NOT outsource our customer service!

The Puget Systems warranty protects all our custom built-to-order PCs against defects in materials or workmanship for the duration of the warranty. Unless otherwise noted, each PC is covered by our lifetime labor and one year parts warranties starting from the date your PC ships. Extended warranties are available for purchase with certain models. All claims for warranty service must be made during the term of the warranty. After our parts warranty expires, it is important to note that many components will still carry a manufacturer's warranty (e.g. Kingston RAM carries a lifetime manufacturer's warranty, ASUS motherboards carry a 3 or 5-year manufacturer's warranty, et cetera). If one of these components fails after your PC's Puget Systems parts warranty has expired, you may contact the manufacturer directly to obtain warranty service.

PC coverage

Technical support and labor warranty

Every Puget Systems PC includes a lifetime technical support and labor warranty. This warranty also covers labor costs for upgrades purchased through Puget Systems. This warranty is transferable to a new owner, should you resell your computer. See the "Limitation of liability" section below for exceptions to this coverage. You must have your invoice number to obtain technical support. Technical issues are handled via email and phone. The primary method of communication is email. We are open M-F, 9am - 6pm PST, excluding major holidays. Technical support for operating systems is limited to aspects directly related to hardware functionality. Support for other operating system and software features must be obtained through other channels. We can only provide a minimal level of support for any issues related to special order parts, since we don't have as much experience with them and we have not put them through the extensive qualification processes our normal parts go through.

Shipping warranty

Since most problems occur early in the warranty term (e.g., due to shipping damage), Puget Systems offers an outstanding shipping warranty for the first 30 days, during which time we will pay for shipping in both directions when we determine it is necessary to bring the machine back for repair. The shipping method used will match the transit time of the shipping method you ordered. For instance, if you order your computer with overnight shipping, we'll cover overnight shipping to get it here and back for repair. We use UPS for all return shipments. After 30 days you are responsible for shipping costs to Puget Systems; if the PC is still within its parts warranty term, Puget Systems will cover the cost of returning it to you via UPS Ground. If faster shipping service is desired, you may elect to pay for an upgrade to a faster method. This shipping warranty does not cover PCs picked up locally nor PCs shipped outside the US.

Replacement parts

If a failed or defective component is reported during the term of our parts warranty, Puget Systems will repair or replace the defective part with a new or reconditioned part at our option. If an exact replacement is no longer available, or if a superior substitute is available, we may offer a part that has similar or greater overall performance at our option. If you are capable of installing the part yourself, we can send a replacement part out to you as an advance RMA (cross-shipment). Replacement parts sent within the U.S. will include a return shipping label you can use to return the defective part to us. This advance replacement must be secured by credit card. If the defective part is not returned within 15 days from the time the replacement part is shipped, your credit card will be charged for the value of the part. With all advance RMAs, Puget Systems is not responsible for any damages stemming from improper installation of the new part. It is your responsibility to know how to safely work with the hardware you are replacing, and if you do not have that knowledge or experience, you should not attempt to swap out a part on your own. Component purchases and special order parts are not eligible for advance RMA. Warranty service for all peripherals (eg. monitors, speakers, other external equipment) is provided by the manufacturer of the component.

Return for repair

Desktop and server PCs are generally repaired within 10 business days after we receive delivery. If any replacement parts needed are not in stock, the total time needed to complete the repair may be extended. Any notebook repairs which involve the system board, chassis, or LCD will require a minimum of 10 business days.

When return shipping costs are covered by our shipping warranty, we can cover shipping costs through one of the procedures below. Shipments sent to Puget Systems by other means are not eligible for this coverage, and shipment cost will not be reimbursed.

  1. We can issue an electronic return label by email. Print out this label, and take your PC (boxed and ready to ship) to any local UPS counter, and the computer will be shipped to us at no cost to you.
  2. We can issue a UPS pickup request. In this case, UPS will show up at your door with a return label to pick up the PC, which should be packed and ready to ship. We have no control over what time of day UPS will arrive, but they will make 3 attempts (1 per day) if they miss you.

All shipments to Puget Systems must be properly protected in original packaging materials, and must include a RMA number clearly written on the outside of the box. Systems sent in for repair must include all cables, disks, and adapters. Puget Systems is not responsible for damage caused by improper packing. Any time you ship a computer to us, you MUST pack the computer properly. Computers should be double boxed, with at least two inches of packing material between the boxes. If you ship a computer back without original packaging materials, you will be charged for replacement packaging materials, as the machine is much more likely to be damaged without them.

ALWAYS SAVE YOUR BOXES! Over 90% of the shipping damage we see happens when the customer throws away the original packaging. It is incredibly difficult to ship a computer without the original box and packaging! We have designed custom shipping materials for our most popular computer cases. Specially made foam and boxes provide superior protection during shipping for these models! Click here for more details. Replacement custom packing materials are available for purchase if you have thrown yours away, but they can be expensive to ship to you due to their size.

Dead pixel policy

We maintain an industry leading standard acceptance level of 3 defective bright/dark pixels on our laptop screens. If your Puget Systems laptop screen develops more than 3 defective pixels during its warranty term, we will replace it under warranty. Dead pixel coverage for desktop LCD monitors purchased from Puget Systems is handled by the manufacturer and is subject to the manufacturer's dead pixel policies.

Computer repair guarantee

All our PC repairs, including repairs to other brands of PCs, are guaranteed for 30 days or for the remainder of any applicable Puget Systems PC warranty, whichever is greater. This guarantee does not cover new or different symptoms.

Puget Systems bills all orders at the time the order is placed. Within 30 days of the shipment of your order, you have the option to return your hardware for refund. Due to the high amount of labor involved in our services, as well as other unrecoverable costs, there is a $50 charge for any change made to orders already in progress. All refunds and cancelled orders are subject to a 15% restocking fee. All returned hardware must be undamaged and in as-new condition, in original packaging. Opened or activated software is not eligible for return. After the 30 day term, the system or components can only be returned at the discretion of Puget Systems, at the current value of the hardware minus a 15% restocking fee. Shipping costs are not refundable, and we are not responsible for return shipping costs. Refunds may take up 2-4 weeks to be processed. Special order items, services, and peripherals (eg. monitors, keyboards, mice, speakers, other external equipment) are not eligible for return. Quantity orders and orders of $8,000 or more are not eligible for return.

Components purchased separate from a PC on the Puget Systems parts store carry a 30 day guarantee. If a component fails or is defective and we are notified of the problem during this term, Puget Systems will accept a prompt return for full refund, minus shipping costs. Component purchases returned for any other reason carry our standard 15% restocking fee. Our technical support service, labor warranty, and shipping warranty do not apply to parts store purchases.

Puget Systems is not responsible for damages or costs that are the result of accidents, misuse, disaster, or abuse of your computer. Modifications, overclocking, BIOS or firmware updates, or repairs made to your computer system by anyone other than Puget Systems will void your warranty if not cleared through a Puget Systems representative. Most modifications will be approved, but we need this aspect of control in order to prevent unnecessary damage. Puget Systems is not responsible for any losses or complications that arise as a result of a computer failure or a delay in the production or repair of your system.

Should you have other questions or concerns about these warranty policies, please call us at (425) 458-0273 or send an email directly to our president at . If you're looking for our international policies, please click here