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Customer Testimonials

We know that your main concern lies in the integrity of the companies you do business with. Especially with internet-based businesses, it is often difficult to determine the true values and goals of your supplier. Here you will find Puget Custom Computer's customer testimonials. Entries from our customers are not restricted, and are audited only for inappropriate content. It is our goal to give you a clear picture of our service and product quality, straight from the mouths of our customers! Puget Custom Computer appreciates any feedback, positive or negative, that you have!

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We have such good ratings that we are often accused of censoring negative entries! This is not true -- we display every entry, whether it be positive or negative! Look real hard at the hundreds of review here -- although they are overwhelmingly positive, you'll find a few negative ones!

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Puget Custom Computers Reseller Ratings Reviews

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"First off I have a pretty good amount of past experience in building my own desktop computers. I've come to expect top performance and top reliability in the finished product with the security of knowing the quality that went into the build.

Im currently a 100% disabled veteran after a life career in the Army and 4 tours in Iraq and I haven't the patience nor the steady hands anymore to build my own computer. My last one which was my first prebuilt was a high end store bought brand that left much to be desired!

I decided to look online for a custom build where I could choose what I wanted in my finished computer. I spent countless hours and many nights researching all the various companies that do this to include all the so called custom gaming computer sites with high end components. I began to have a lot of second thoughts and considering taking on the build myself! Because of the lack of experience, quality control, possible refurbished parts and assembly line techniques most online custom computer companies used I couldn't live with myself investing my hard earned money in any of them.

After crossing nothing but positive reviews on Puget Systems I decided to take a look and discovered something much different than all the other sights. A company that made quality control and attention to detail to the client's needs priority number one! Puget is a company that displayed an attitude of caring more about what the client is getting rather than bogus monthly sales on the newest gaming computer or coin mining hyped systems like most of the other sites.

I had them build me one and before the computer even left there shipping dock because of their dedication to keep the customer informed on every step of the build I had a confidence that every penny spent was a worthy investment. Now that I have it at home in use to say my expectation where met would be an understatement. Puget Custom Computers is as professional as you can get in this business and the quality of the build is literally a work of art. I only wish other specialty companies could be this serious about their product and care about loyalty to the customer like Puget does!

Plain and simple if you want a custom computer that you can count on and know your investment was a good sound one then have Puget Systems build It! You won't be disappointed and you have a true professional quality company that guarantees to back you up!""
Russel Trahan [Send Email]
Rating: 10/10   Date: 04/02/14

"I recently made my first purchase, a “Genesis I” from Puget Systems and I could not have made a better choice for both a computer and a company to build it. This review is not about a computer because you can go buy each and every piece of my computer and build it yourself saving you a little bit of money. No this review is about one amazing company that gives you impeccable customer service backed by first class craftsmanship and service which all lead to priceless peace of mind.

In this day and age one of the biggest things that has been lost is true personal customer service. In the not so distant past you could buy something and know that it was put together by someone that cared about the product. Their job and livelihood depended on it and it is what set this country apart from the rest of the world. No it was not always the least expensive and for good reason, you pay for what you get, it takes more time to do something right, period. Puget Systems is one of those companies that thrives and survives on the philosophy of producing the best product they can.

Now I am an old school computer guy and I have built some serious workstations over the years but it has been a while since I built my last computer and as you know technology passes you by in a day let alone a few years. I began the process by emailing Puget a brief bio of my current workstation. I went into detail about how and why I had things setup the way I did and that I needed those concerns addressed with any new system.

What I wrote about and the processes I had done to my system come from a different time and era in computers and I had serious doubts that I would even get a person that knew what I was talking about. Man, was I ever surprised. William responded to each of my concerns and knew exactly where I was coming from. He respectfully explained why and how things were these days and made me feel confident I was dealing with a true computer technician with years of experience.

Then I called William to speak about a few of the things we were discussing. Your read that right, you can call them and a real person, even the one you were emailing, will answer. He asked questions and learned about what I did and what I needed and provided me with real world solutions. He even talked me out of upgrading certain things because they would not benefit me. That means he was not just trying to reach in to my pocket and take all the money he could because in the end that would have been wrong and bad business. Oh trust me, I wanted that top of the line graphics card but there was no reason for it based on the work I was doing. That is a true sign of a company putting the customer first before profit.

Puget is also totally transparent when it comes to their parts and pricing. I got my estimate and then took the time to pull each and every part based on the part number listed right on the Puget website to compare and see exactly how much I was paying for their services. It was no more or less than I would expect from anyone who takes real time to do the job right.

What is “the job being done right” you ask? Well this is where Puget shines and sets themselves apart from the rest of the competition. They have a log that is updated in real time from the moment you make your purchase till the time your computer leaves the building. From the person ordering or picking the parts to each part or software being installed and tested. The testing alone is worth your money, at which point do you have the time or the equipment to test out on a work bench all of the parts as you install them and if it is not up to spec they get another one. That is amazing to me and gives me complete confidence in the product I am purchasing. Puget only uses the best products and it shows, the case is amazingly quiet and solid as a rock. Any over clocking is professionally done by experts who know what they are doing. Then comes the unbelievable packaging for shipment, I am still scratching my head over that one, it is quality through and through.

Nothing is ever perfect and it is not the problem that matters, but how someone deals with the problem. I received my computer and once I got it all setup I ran in to an issue. I was not happy with the sound card I had chosen. So I called Puget and they immediately shipped out the next higher priced one and shipped it to me at their expense and were going to cover the price difference. Are you kidding me? I ended up comparing the two of them and once I figured out what setting was off I kept the original one, still where do you find a company willing to do that these days? I’ll tell you, no where!

So yes, you could save a few dollars building one yourself or find a cheaper computer from another company but you will not find a better, more professional company to custom build a computer for you in the country.

Puget is worth the investment and worth your peace of mind. Feel free to contact me if you have concerns or questions but you should know before you contact me that I have drank the Kool-Aid and I am a diehard believer in Puget Systems.

Royce Bishop

Owner of Cubed Creations and Royce Bishop Photography"
Royce Bishop [Send Email]
Hometown: Dallas, TX
Rating: 10/10   Date: 03/20/14

"I just purchased a i7 Intel chipped & SSD new computer, my second purchase from Puget Systems. I bought my first computer some six or seven years ago. I have been quite happy with it. But the old 32 bit machine was struggling, with the internet and frame rates for video editing and gaming, despite a new game card a few years ago. Little did I know what other issues time had created. I thought that my internet was not fast enough. After great customer service from Jeff in discussing my needs, what I did with my old computer, what was frustrating me, what I felt I needed, and what I desired for the future, I paid less for my new computer than I did for the old one. It was fun to watch the building and testing online. I did order a WQHD 27 inch monitor which arrived at the same time! And... wow, no more spinning wheels on video, crashes, waiting... I felt I entered a new world online. Wonderful color and detail. I was blown away, especially since I get all my news from online so I can pick and choose. It runs so quiet and the speed is astounding. I soon ran into problems (of my own creation). I contacted customer service by phone, remoted in, and issues with Internet Explorer 11 and my printer were resolved online. Again, great customer service. I am so glad that I found Puget Systems years ago and did not purchase a box computer online or from a warehouse store, not to my specs. I still am kicking myself for not having done this sooner."
Steve Wallace [Send Email]
Hometown: Burlington, WA
Rating: 10/10   Date: 03/14/14

"I could not be happier with the quality and service I found with Puget. When making decisions and ordering, both reps were very knowledgeable and helpful in chats. I found many reviews but none had any negative comments. They all gave Puget the highest scores for top performance and silence. After ordering, I received follow up emails and links to view the progress of building and testing. I was impressed even more when the package arrived with a hard-cover notebook containing color pictures of each person involved, clear instructions on unpacking and setup, detailed explanations of ports, manufacturer support links, printouts of testing results and a collection of all discs including a full system backup. It also included a box with all the leftover parts and a classy pouch with additional SATA and power cables for expansion. Puget also installed additional cables for additional drives that I told the rep I would be adding. The system has been running flawlessly for a couple weeks now. I removed the side panel before the second boot to confirm that fans were running. They were. It is truly silent. A small blue light goes out when it is off. I replaced the operating system and was able to resolve all unknown device icons with just the motherboard disc. The event log has no errors or warnings. I have moved off lots of software over from my old computer and everything has been running wonderfully. Puget make luxury-class systems at the same price range as most others with the same specs. Many thanks and blessings to everyone at Puget!"
Rating: 10/10   Date: 03/03/14

"I have been going back and forth with Jeff regarding what I wanted in a rock solid but fast PC. This is my second Puget Systems PC and it will not be my last. My son-in-law is an executive with a competing firm and provided me several configurations from which to choose from. He has envied my previous Puget system and was not surprised when I told him that I would be going with Puget again."
Armand Escalera [Send Email]
Rating: 10/10   Date: 02/28/14

"I've had a few computers over the years but I've never had a computer as fantastic as my new Puget Genesis! I do alot of photo editing with some pretty heavy duty, resource intensive software which in the past has bogged down my previous computers. Not so with my new machine...she's so fast! My last computer was noisey & acted like a second heater for the room. But my new computer is so quiet and I honestly can't feel any heat coming from her.

Also, it was a great experience working with Jeff, my sales rep. He helped me configure the computer to match my needs and was never pushy."
Beverley Vycital [Send Email]
Rating: 10/10   Date: 02/24/14

"This is how companies should be run. Everyone did everything they could to be helpful without being intrusive. And everyone knew what they were talking about. The site offers an abundance of information on every component. I am quite pleased with the the experience and the system that I am now enjoying. Not the cheapest, but worth every penny. Highly recommended."
Dan Griffin
Rating: 10/10   Date: 02/22/14

"I discovered Puget Custom Computers about 7 years ago. They were a smaller outfit back then and provided an excellent professional personal experience. Needing maintenance on my water cooled PC I recently hunted them down at their new digs. When I saw their online profile and how much their staff had expanded I wondered how my experience would be all these years later. I can tell you with no reservation that Puget Custom Computers is everything they were when they started out and more. They stayed true to themselves and most importantly their customers. They have not let their size or recognition by different media outlets effect their top knotch customer service. Technician Scott who assisted me seemed more like an old friend than a salesman. Its great to see a small business flourish. Thanks so much, its so hard to find good customer service these days, and you exceeded. My PC is up and running, even upgraded a bit courtesy of Puget Custom Computers."
Phil [Send Email]
Rating: 10/10   Date: 02/21/14

"I was looking for a custom computer for Photoshop. I searched the web and researched several online companies but kept coming back to Puget Systems. I was impressed by the lifetime labor and tech support, and their dedication to quality. I created an account and started working with customer service rep Jeff Stubbers. He helped me through the build and we emailed back and forth on several occasions to discuss the proper components and setup. He was very patient and was understanding of me wanting to keep the price reasonable. I finally order the computer and it arrived within 2 weeks. They provide a complete status report on your build as the process moves along, and even sent me a you tube video of a technician going over all aspect of my computer, so I was aware of every stage of the build. The computer arrived in great shape. The quality, attention to detail, customer support was all incredible and I would highly recommend Puget Systems to anyone needing a custom built computer. Very impressive!!!"
Richard Phillips [Send Email]
Rating: 10/10   Date: 02/18/14

"I had been looking to build a custom gaming PC for quite a while and had been all around the web looking at different manufacturers, I stumbled onto Puget System's mainpage as a direct link from It looked underwhelming at first but I figured I would give it a go and see what kind of configuration I could come up with. After setting my original config I selected the option for review by a professional, expecting the usual no response or useless "its up to you" reply. By the time I woke up the next day ( I originally sent the request at 5am) I had a detailed response from Will outlining the positives and negatives of different choices and an open offer to e-mail him with further questions. What sold me was that he actually steered me out of useless frills and into choices that would add to the stability and/or performance of my system, he stayed away from pointless upsells and helped me build a really solid PC that would do all I needed it to do and then some. That experience sold me 100% on Puget as MY custom builder, and the only builder I would recommend to anyone.

It only got better from there, after I finalized my order and it was prepping for assembly I noticed the meticulous work their staff puts into every facet of production. Oscar did what I would call the finest wiring job I have EVER seen, and as an avid PC gamer I have seen some excellent custom PC work. The wiring looked artistic in a way, his pride in what he does shows and I hope next time I buy from Puget (and I will) he will be the one wiring my rig. After Oscar assembled it, Kyle did a great job trying to break it and probably put more stress on my system than I ever will, every part was meticulously strained and benchmarked. Every member of the service and production staff is top notch IMO.

No corners are cut by Puget, their quality and pride in both service and product show. I can't see myself buying from another company as long as Puget is building rigs for gamers like me."
John Cadotte [Send Email]
Hometown: St. Ignace, MI
Rating: 10/10   Date: 02/18/14

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Puget Custom Computers Reseller Ratings Reviews