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Customer Testimonials

We know that your main concern lies in the integrity of the companies you do business with. Especially with internet-based businesses, it is often difficult to determine the true values and goals of your supplier. Here you will find Puget Custom Computer's customer testimonials. Entries from our customers are not restricted, and are audited only for inappropriate content. It is our goal to give you a clear picture of our service and product quality, straight from the mouths of our customers! Puget Custom Computer appreciates any feedback, positive or negative, that you have!

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We have such good ratings that we are often accused of censoring negative entries! This is not true -- we display every entry, whether it be positive or negative! Look real hard at the hundreds of review here -- although they are overwhelmingly positive, you'll find a few negative ones!

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Puget Custom Computers Reseller Ratings Reviews

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David N. [Send Email]
From Southern Illinois
a month ago
"My first Puget system (2004) still runs like a champ, so I didn't even consider anyone else when I decided it was time for an upgrade. My new custom air cooled system is awesome -- I couldn't be happier with it.

Ten years of progress in the technology combined with the SSD's Jeff recommended, and I'm still blown away by its performance even after using it for several weeks. As a Linux-only user, they even pre-installed Fedora for me (no charge). As examples of their thoroughness, the system came with detailed unpacking instructions and screen shots of all the BIOS settings.

I'm happy to find that it's still the same great company I discovered ten years ago. Their sterling reputation is well deserved!"

Paul Frankfurter [Send Email]
a month ago
""Awesome company! Jeff Stubbers at Puget Custom Computers gave me sound advice. I am not a newbie around computers, but was not real familiar with the Intel Xeon processor line up. Jeff was immediately able to steer me to a proper selection and able to explain why I should use that particular processor.

I should mention that I was searching for a reliable custom builder that could supply a system that would be 100% hardware compatible with Linux. My system was shipped with my preferred Linux distro, Ubuntu 14.04 LTS. They even contacted me to learn how I wished the hard drive to be partitioned.

Puget systems are a work of art both outside and inside the case. Other builders should take lessons in top quality component selection, cable bundling and routing, and attention to detail from Puget Custom Computers.

My new system sits under my workstation by my left leg and is virtually silent. 5 stars in all categories! Will definitely buy from them again. ""

Hill Fithian [Send Email]
From Buena Vista, co
a month ago
"This thing is fantastic. A first class collection of geeks built it, there is no doubt in my mind.
I really like the way you guys document every detail about the construction and testing. Inspires confidence. I might still have to upgrade my off grid powersystem, it uses a few more watts than the old laptop did, but the tradeoff is worth it."

Lukas van der Walde [Send Email]
From Spokane, WA
2 months ago
"The level of customer service and attention to detail is phenomenal (and I say this as a former IT support person for City Hall). The only thing they missed was that when Windows went to sleep, the fans stopped - even though the CPU was running full bore. (I recommend you disable that feature by default and let the customer decide)

The shipment was beautifully boxed up - if you could find something other than those pesky packing peanuts, that would be nice :)

Difference between buying a machine from a big name manufacturer and Puget Systems - night and day

I am extremely satisfied and look forward to many years of trouble-free computing."

Scott N [Send Email]
From Suburban St. Paul, MN
2 months ago
"My new Genesis I desktop arrived today, on schedule. The packaging was excellent, with very nice attention to detail, and all the extras from the machine's build organized into a very usable form.

Like a few others have mentioned, the case is a bit bigger than I expected - no fault of Puget Systems, as all the dimensions are clearly listed. For me, the size is no issue, as the office corner where this will sit is not cramped. But for those with tight space requirements, be sure and measure if there's any doubt that this case will fit where the old beige box used to.

For a big workstation, it's a wonderfully quiet system: the only computer in the house quieter than it will be the Mac Air and its no moving parts (not kidding - my set-top DVR fans are far more audible). The build quality looks excellent: tidy, well organized, with nice spacing amongst components to accommodate cooling needs. Far better than the four or five custom builds I've done myself.

The customizing and ordering process with Puget is a pleasure. William George was outstanding to work with: prompt response to questions, willing to do some legwork to provide answers, and never pushy over the full month while I mulled my options. And after the order, the company's website lets the customer see all the steps of the build and test process.

I was very happy to have experts make sure I'd chosen compatible parts, that nothing was DOA with the initial build, and that an initial stress test had passed before shipping. Like I said, I've done some custom builds over the last dozen years. I think it's time to limit my "inside the box" work to maybe adding a few more hard drives.

I only have a few hours of actual power-on time with the new system, so an early-life failure is certainly still possible, but if that happens I'll find out how Puget's warranty work is and write another testimonial.

Highly recommended."

Matthew N [Send Email]
From Richmond VA
2 months ago
"I have had my laptop for two days now. It is the best computer I have ever owned. Deliver was on time and set up was flawless. It was really nice NOT having all the preloaded junk software that one encounters with a Box Store PC. Just Windows and the apps I selected. My Office 2013 downloaded easily as did two specialty programs. It is lightening fast and it has a crisp, clear interface. I also liked the documentation that came with the laptop, very, very helpful. My overall experience was outstanding. You get what you pay for! I have given up my creaky old Windows Vista PC and my Apple IPAD1 and use my laptop exclusively."

jill [Send Email]
From Milwaukee
2 months ago
"Computer was a little bigger than I expected but beautiful, quiet and fast. It seemed to have a lot care behind it - I have all kinds of parts and manuals and even a notebook about it, which is interesting in a digital age. So far I believe this has been worth the money and would do business here again."

mabrouk [Send Email]
From algeria
2 months ago
"thank you"

Lawrence Eastwood
From Nashville
2 months ago
"Purchasing a custom computer from Puget Systems was one of the best customer service experiences I've ever had. Beginning the first time I visited the Puget website and began configuring possible systems, I received clear and well thought out emails from Puget representatives helping me with configuration options and offering suggestions. I even received a video of my computer after it was built showing me key features, as well as several follow-up communications directly from Jon Bach, the company's founder, asking me how I liked the system and if he could assist in any way. I had very specific needs for a custom build, and Puget delivered. But the experience was so exceptional, I plan to buy all my systems from them going forward. What a kick-ass company!"

Ron Parks [Send Email]
From seattle
2 months ago
"My User Account is password protected. The other day I went to log in and a dialog box appeared stating that my password was not correct and could not login. I tried several different things to fix the problem but got the same error message. I called PugetSystems and Daniel connected me to Richard, Techinal Support.
Well, Richard made short order of my problem--registry error. He led me down the path of correction and had me back into my account in no time.
I have had no trouble with my PugetSystem computer and very happy with their customer support-they have been there when I needed them! Richard, thanks again for you patience and techinal support."

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Puget Custom Computers Reseller Ratings Reviews