Why Corsair power supplies?

You may have noticed Corsair power supplies popping up in our product line. I wanted to take a minute to tell you about why we’re doing this, and why I’m excited about it!

When I was at CES a few months ago, I was not shopping for a new power supply vendor. We have been using Seasonic for years, and have been very happy with their units. And yet there are times when we find a company speaking our language. Hype doesn’t get our attention. Show us the product! We want to see real, measurable quality. At CES, in their suite at the Wynn hotel, Corsair spoke our language. We weren’t looking to replace Seasonic, but Corsair was too good a fit to not get our attention.

Puget Systems Blog!

Everyone and their mother has a blog today, and we have been cautious about whether it is really a good addition to our company. I’m happy to report that we have enthusiastically decided it is! This blog will be a place where all Puget Systems staff can post their thoughts and stories, in a venue that we don’t really have otherwise. It will be more formal than our forum posts, but not so complex as hardware articles. We’ve often commented to ourselves that we have good information that the public needs to know! Sometimes writing a full hardware article requires a level of research, data gathering, and formatting that is too daunting to make it worth while for more of your everyday thoughts. This will give us that happy medium! There are quite a few people here enthusiastic about getting started, and I look forward to seeing this in action.

The Dummys Guide to Power Supplies

Though it may not seem important, your computer’s power supply is a primary building block of your system. Ensuring that each component of your computer obtains adequate amounts of power should be of utmost importance. This article is designed to give you a better understanding of how power supplies work and how many watts you need for different types of computer set-ups.