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Behind the Scenes at Puget Systems

Posted in News on 10/26/2018 by Jeremy Thomas

In this video, Destin with Smarter Every Day talks about his experience working with Puget Systems and shares his experience working with the Puget Systems team. He interviews some of the Puget Systems staff to get a better understanding of what sets Puget Systems apart and how recommended systems are designed for specific applications.

How to Build a 4K Editing Computer

Posted in News on 10/26/2018 by Jeremy Thomas

In this video, Destin with Smarter Every Day talks about his experience working with Puget Systems to solve his 4K 60fps rendering issues. A render that previously took 11 hours to complete, is now being done in only 2.5 hours. Live previews in Adobe Premiere are also 4.4X faster, allowing for more work to be done, in higher resolution without the need to pre-render footage in order to work the editing timeline.

Interview & Tour of Puget Systems

Posted in News on 09/24/2018 by Jeremy Thomas

In this video, Paul with RedGamingTech talks with Jon Bach, the Founder of Puget Systems. Paul and Jon discuss details about the overall PC industry and the approach that Puget Systems take and how we found our niche in the industry.

PC for Premiere Pro: Blog Series Intro

Posted in News on 09/12/2018 by Jeremy Thomas

In this review, Premiere Bro founder and editor, Sean Schools, will share his personal experience switching over to PC. Sean reviews switching to a customized workstation for Premiere Pro and considerations when switching from Mac to PC.

Puget Systems Newsletter - September 2018

Posted in News on 09/05/2018 by Kelly Blake

Hello, everyone! We hope you have enjoyed a superb summer and are looking forward to a fun fall. It's time for the September edition of our newsletter. Click now to see what we've been up to.

The Spiderman Marvel Wishes They Had

Posted in News on 09/05/2018 by Jeremy Thomas

In this video, Peter at Corridor Digital breaks down why it was so important for them to have a computer that could handle their workflow for their Spiderman short.

Puget Systems Talk About Building Hardware Solutions For Virtual Reality

Posted in News on 08/17/2018 by Jeremy Thomas

VRFocus sat down with Wilson Chau, Customer Service Lead at Puget Systems to discuss the companies focus to deliver virtual reality (VR) ready solutions.

Puget Systems Newsletter - August 2018

Posted in News on 08/01/2018 by Kelly Blake

Can you believe it's August already?! Where is the time going? As promised, the Puget Systems' newsletter is now a monthly publication. If you have topics you want to know more about in future issues, please send them in!

In Love with the Process | EP06 (feat. The Puget Systems Team)

Posted in News on 08/01/2018 by Jeremy Thomas

In this video, Puget Systems sits down and talks with Mike Pecci about the MAC vs PC debate and gets into how they firmly believe in supporting creative people and getting them what they need to do what they do best.

Power User Profiles: Puget System's Jon Bach Talks Workstations

Posted in News on 07/25/2018 by Jeremy Thomas

In this review, the team at Tom's Hardware sat down with expert builder and Puget Systems President Jon Bach to find out what it takes to build professional grade workstations.

Photo Taco Lightroom Computer 2018

Posted in News on 07/09/2018 by Jeremy Thomas

Jeff, at Photo Taco, talks with computer building expert Matt Bach of Puget Systems about the best choices for building a Lightroom computer in 2018. They talk about all of the decisions to make to custom build a Windows computer, as well as the recommendations for where it is worth spending the money if you are buying a Mac or a PC from a big box store.

Modern CTO Podcast Live With Jon Bach - President of Puget Systems

Posted in News on 05/02/2018 by Jeremy Thomas

Joel Beasley talks with Jon Bach, the Founder of Puget Systems. They discuss crafting company culture, why they are a computer company with no computers on their homepage, and Jon gives some advice to young entrepreneurs looking to break into the startup world.

$10,000 iMac Pro vs Custom PC - Which is faster??!

Posted in News on 02/21/2018 by Jeremy Thomas

In this video, Matt Granger breaks down the real world performance in the Adobe CC of a Puget Systems workstation versus similarly priced 2018 iMac Pro.

Build your own Premiere Pro Editing Computer

Posted in News on 01/24/2018 by Jeremy Thomas

Matt Granger dives into the specs of his new editing workstation and how it has allowed him to start working with his 8K content.

This is the most OVERKILL PC I've ever dreamed of owning!

Posted in News on 11/15/2017 by Jeremy Thomas

We partnered with Barnacules Nerdgasm to build his new Ultimate Gaming PC desktop computer designed to be the fastest Adobe Premiere rendering box currently possible. This machine has a 14 core Intel i9 processor with 128gb DDR4 memory and all NVME Samsung 960 Pro M.2 storage topped off with a pair of Titan Xp SLI (Pascal) graphics cards.

Amazon Echo Show Review, ProtonVPN vs. PIA, Adobe Premiere PC Recco, Make Your VPN Run Faster!

Posted in News on 07/06/2017 by Jeremy Thomas

In this video, Patrick Norton and Shannon Morse with TekThing talk about where you should spend your money for the best performance for an Adobe Premiere PC. They give props to the Puget Systems Labs department for their excellent guides for Premiere Pro builds.


Posted in News on 06/21/2017 by Jeremy Thomas

In this video, Armando Ferreira breaks down all of the tools he uses on a day-to-day basis at his desk including his Puget Systems workstation for his 4K video editing.

Puget Systems Launches New Quad Socket Workstations

Posted in News on 06/24/2014 by Jon Bach

Puget Systems has been providing quad socket workstations for years now. Today, we refresh that product with a new duo of quad socket workstations that offer even more capacity, better cooling, and quieter operation.

Puget Systems Sponsors the 2014 Pacific Northwest Defense Symposium

Posted in News on 06/02/2014 by Chris Stephens

Last week Puget Systems was part of the Pacific Northwest Defense Symposium. The symposium, a gathering of businesses from Washington and Oregon, helps members looking for a better understanding of the 36 month outlook on Department of Defense issues. We were happy to be a sponsor of this event and Jon Bach, our company president, was invited to speak as a panelist.

Congressman Dave Reichert visits Puget Systems

Posted in News on 02/27/2014 by Chris Stephens

Puget Systems had the privilege of hosting Congressman Dave Reichert (WA-8) for a roundtable discussion with other small business leaders from the area. The meeting was organized by the Pacific Northwest Defense Coalition (PNDC), a group of businesses in Washington and Oregon.

Puget Systems Sponsors PDXLAN 23

Posted in News on 02/25/2014 by Jon Bach

We had a great time at PDXLAN23 this weekend, where we were both a sponsor and an attendee. We came to show our business products, to help out attendees with free loaner equipment and repair services, to give away some great prizes, and...of course, to game!

Puget Systems adds AMD Kaveri to Lineup

Posted in News on 01/14/2014 by Brett Nordquist

SEATTLE, WA - Puget Systems (www.pugetsystems.com), a boutique integrator of custom PC systems for enthusiasts, gamers, consumers and SMB markets, today announced availability of AMD Kaveri processors to its Echo and Spirit line of desktop PCs.

Puget Systems Expands Summit Line of Servers

Posted in News on 07/02/2013 by Chris Stephens

Puget Systems today announces our further expansion into the server space, with an expanded line of Summit Servers. Customers can expect a more robust offering of sizes and component selection that is included in the Puget Certified line of Summit servers.

Puget Systems launches Intel Xeon Phi Developer Workstation

Posted in News on 06/17/2013 by Chris Stephens

SEATTLE, WA - Puget Systems (www.pugetsystems.com), a boutique integrator of custom computer workstations has announced the release of its new product: the Peak workstation, a line of accelerated parallel computing workstations. The first model will feature Intel's Xeon Phi Co-Processor and is designed for development work for the new co-processor.

New Traverse Laptop Screens and Options

Posted in News on 05/06/2013 by Jon Bach

Today, we are announcing a number of new options on our Traverse laptops. We are greatly expanding our screen options, and are providing some security optimizations. Even better, these changes bring more of our services in house, which improves quality and decreases service time!