What I Wish I Had Known Part 2

A little over a year ago, I wrote an article titled, "What I Wish I Had Known" that included specific feedback customers shared with me shortly after taking delivery of a new Puget Systems computer. Since that time I've talked to hundreds, if not thousands of customers, who have passed along more feedback that might be valuable to those who are configuring or considering a new computer. 

With that in mind, here are a few more items our customers would change, if they could go back in time: 

1. I wish I had added the Onsite Repair Services Warranty

This service is available for purchase by our professional and government customers when paired with one of our PCs, workstations, servers or laptops. Repacking and shipping a computer is a major hassle. Adding this service at the time of purchase allows the repair shop to come to your home. We've partnered with qualified technicians from Source Support Services who will work with our in-house technicians to get your computer working as quickly as possible and with the least amount of disruption to your work. 

2. I wish I had checked the case dimensions 

This is especially important if you have limited space at work or at home. A few customers have assumed their new computer would fit into their computer hutch or underneath a table only to find out the case is larger than they anticipated. Jeff from Sales compared our most popular case offerings to a can of Coke. But if you have limited space in which to place your new computer, please speak with sales who can make sure it will fit. 

3. I wish I had told you I planned to install another hard drive or video card

If you plan to install any hardware inside your computer after you receive it, please share that information with your sales consultant. Not only will they make sure you have enough space/slots/power available, but they'll have production pre-wire for those components you plan to add, making it a lot easier for you to install at home. 

4. I wish I had had you install an operating system

This is a tough one because some of our customers already own a Windows license. But when we install Windows for you, we make sure it works with every one of your components. We also install the latest drivers and tweak the BIOS so it's totally customized to your needs. We also create a USB recovery stick which will resurrect a virus or malware-laden system. When we install the operating system you can immediately boot your system and make sure it's working upon delivery. This peace of mind is often worth more than the small cost savings of installing the OS yourself. 

5. I wish I had configured a more powerful computer

I talk to customers whose ideas of what a computer can do are based on a seven-year old Dell full of crapware. Maybe they edited a few family photos but working with video was out of the question because their computer wasn't up to the task. I know this sounds simplistic but it helps to have us build a computer based on what you WANT to do rather than simply what your previous PC DID. Do you want to take up editing videos using Sony Vegas or Adobe Premiere? Or maybe you'd like to run the latest games on a pair of 4K monitors. Today's computer technology opens up a whole new world of possibilities that seemed crazy even just a few years ago. 

6. I wish I had a few more USB ports

Our desktop computers have 6 or more USB ports, comprised of a mix of USB 2.0 and 3.0 ports. While that's enough for most customers, some have a need for more ports than are available. If your sales consultant knows this beforehand, we can make sure to use a motherboard with more ports or install a USB card, giving you a few more ports. Based on conversations with customers, your most reliable USB ports are on the back of your computer. Start with those. I've seen too many problems with USB hubs for me to recommend them at all. 

7. I wish I had elevated my computer off the ground

Computers placed on bare flooring or carpet tend to act like vacuums for dust, dirt and pet hair. I recently talked to a customer who was cleaning his case filters every other day because they were full of junk. His new computer was placed near an air vent on the floor. I recommended purchasing a case stand and relocate it on the other side of his desk, away from the vent. With the computer on the stand and in the new location, he had reduced filter cleaning down to every 6 to 8 weeks. 

Have you recently purchased a computer? If so, is there anything you'd go back in time and change?