Case Study with Safariland

Safariland is a designer and manufacturer of equipment for sporting, military, law enforcement, investigation and public safety personnel., specifically gun holsters. The engineering team uses a certified Puget Systems workstation to conceptualize and produce prototypes.

Case Study with VIRA Insight

VIRA Insight is a manufacturer specializing in custom retail store environments. The creative team uses a certified Puget Systems workstation to produce realistic 3D renderings.

Case Study with Montana State Athletics

Garrett Becker with Montana State Athletics uses a certified Puget Spirit system to create dynamic highlight videos, graphics, posters and motion graphics for MSU’s athletic department.

VFXdaily Logo with Josh Johnson

Case Study with Josh Johnson & VFX Daily

VFX Daily VFX Daily is an outfit specializing in visual effects for movies, commercials, and music videos. Josh Johnson, Owner of VFX Daily, found that he really enjoyed storytelling and computer animation dating back to when the movie Jurassic Park was released to the public. Though he graduated from a Film School in 2006, he

Case Study for Power Mechanical, Inc.

Nick Reuter at Power Mechanical uses a Genesis I workstation from Puget Systems to handle heavy duty multi-tasking across a wide range of different applications and six monitors.

Case Study for Vomund Photography

Vomund Photography uses a workstation from Puget Systems to deliver professional photography services for home builders, interior designers, architects, and land developers.