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Customer Testimonials

We know that your main concern lies in the integrity of the companies you do business with. Especially with internet-based businesses, it is often difficult to determine the true values and goals of your supplier. Here you will find Puget Custom Computer's customer testimonials. Entries from our customers are not restricted, and are audited only for inappropriate content. It is our goal to give you a clear picture of our service and product quality, straight from the mouths of our customers! Puget Custom Computer appreciates any feedback, positive or negative, that you have!

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We have such good ratings that we are often accused of censoring negative entries! This is not true -- we display every entry, whether it be positive or negative! Look real hard at the hundreds of review here -- although they are overwhelmingly positive, you'll find a few negative ones!

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Puget Custom Computers Reseller Ratings Reviews

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Terry Stickel
From Sanibel, FL
star yellow iconstar yellow iconstar yellow iconstar yellow iconstar yellow icon a week ago
"It has been less that 2 weeks since my new Puget Echo arrived. I just love it !!!!!!

My Puget salesman, William George, worked with me for over 2 months as I honed in on what exactly I needed. The first configuration I came up with included a very large case. When William reviewed it he sent back an email asking me why I needed the large case, when the other components that I selected would fit easily in the Puget Echo line. Several configurations later I finally decided on the setup that would do what I want, but did not include unnecessary extras. William also made sure that the Echo would connect to the 2 monitor setup that I had.

So I submitted my order. In spite of multiple reviews of my final configuration, I noticed that I needed to make one more change (my bad). Puget had already started the assembly of my Echo. But, they were able to make the change (operating system version) without causing any time delays or restart in the assembly.

Puget = quality products + quality staff + reasonable prices"

Sumit Gupta
star yellow iconstar yellow iconstar yellow iconstar yellow iconstar yellow icon a week ago
"So I bought my custom desktop about 2 years ago from Puget. Initially, I was not sure if I should buy from a smaller custom PC company like Puget since I usually went with an HP or an Asus. However, I did a lot of research and even looked into buying my own parts from Newgegg/Amazon to build my PC. At then end I'm so glad that I went with Puget Systems!!!

This company has absolutely phenomenal customer service and passionate and experienced PC builders. They take their work seriously like an art form and deliver on this promise. I never bought something from a company like this before and I think a lot of American companies wouldn't lose their business to foreign competitors if they retained such caring customer service and quality workmanship.

To start with, I sent a simple email to Puget and over the course of a few emails and phone calls we came up with the perfect configuration I needed. Puget was honest with what I needed to build my PC and did not try to oversell me with upgrades that I didnt need.

Afterwords, I did due diligence on the final cost, and to my surprise the price of the Puget system was just marginally more than the cost to build my own system with parts from Newegg/Amazon. Plus they installed Windows 7 when all the commercial companies are only giving the option for Windows 8 or 10 (which we all know suck).

Then Puget sent me updates, screenshots of all the testing they did to my computer and even helped with data migration. After that I received a huge box with my PC. Puget had done an insanely good job to protect the computer during its journey to my home. I have kept this packaging in case I ever need to upgrade my PC with Puget.

Once I received the PC everything worked properly. There was no crapware or malware and they installed only what I told them to install.

Finally, over the last 2 years, Puget support has helped me with minor Windows software problems, on how to setup my monitors (which I bought on my own) with HDMI and DVI. They also sent me reminders on how to dust and clean the computer and do maintenance. Everytime they have followed up with a phone call and the same person who is knowledgable about the issue. And I never received an email with an 'ad' or some stupid offer. Overall very professional company. I worked with Jeff Stubbers and Chris Crader who have been most excellent with their support.

Also I like my PC to be very quiet, and the specially designed PC that Puget developed has performed excellently, I cant hear it even when its pin drop silent in my home with the AC off.

Overall, you can't go wrong with Puget. I will be relying on this company for all my future PC/laptop needs."

Sam Tannenbaum [Send Email]
From San Antonio, TX
star yellow iconstar yellow iconstar yellow iconstar yellow iconstar yellow icon 3 weeks ago
"I bought a Genesis to be the centerpiece of my audio and video studio about three years ago, and it has been a fabulous experience. The process of buying the computer was great; your guys counseled with me to find out precisely what I needed, and the machine has indeed been perfectly suited to my needs.

What has stood out, though, is its reliability. In the three years I've had it, it's performed flawlessly with no technical issues of any kind- and this is with more than a dozen external drives, soundboards, controllers, and devices connected at the same time, and with (literally) hundreds of different software applications, some of them very taxing computationally, being run regularly and often in concert.

This speaks to the superior planning, building, and setup of my Genesis. Sometimes, people don't understand how often computer problems are the result of poorly-matched hardware or driver software that isn't set up properly; those seem like basic things, but they're the kinds of details that yield major effects- good or bad- for the end user.

I use five different computer regularly for various kinds of work in my life, and the Puget machine is the only one I've never had any issues with, despite it being the one I push the hardest.

I recommend Puget to everyone I can, and when the time comes to build another studio machine, I know it'll be from your fine company. Thank you for being a superior option for PC power users."

Colleen Malley
star yellow iconstar yellow iconstar yellow iconstar yellow iconstar yellow icon 4 weeks ago
"Wow! Best experience I've ever had ordering a desktop. So happy with the speed at which I can now run both Lightroom and PS CC"

David Burns [Send Email]
From brookline
star yellow iconstar yellow iconstar yellow iconstar yellow iconstar yellow icon 4 weeks ago
"It's been almost a month since my wife received her Serenity Pro system and the only word I can use to describe it is AMAZING!

A few months ago, I actually purchased a very powerful PC with a very similar configuration from a high-end computer super store. Because noise was a key issue for my wife, I purchased an upgrade package that included a higher quality processor chip fan and power supply fan. I thought that would make the system quiet. Boy was I wrong.

When we got the system home and turned it on, it emitted a constant high pitched fan noise that literally made the system unusable. There was no way I was going to have my wife exposed to that noise several hours per day for the next five years. I was forced to return the system to the store and was beginning to think that I would never find a high-end system with the power she needed that was also quiet enough for her to sit next to.

That's when I searched for "world's most quiet computer" and found Puget Sound. I started working with your system engineer Jeff Stubbers, and it was a great experience. He listened to my usage requirements and then spent the time with me to properly configure the system to achieve the power we needed but still remain as quiet as possible. Jeff continued to answer all my system configuration questions right up until the time that the order was placed, and even afterwards. I can't say enough about how good the user experience was in buying this computer because of people like Jeff.

When we got the system home and turned it on, I couldn't believe my ears. There was virtually no noise at all! You have to remain absolutely quiet and really strain just to tell if the system is even running. It's actually easier to just look at the blue light than to try and hear if the system is on or off. Incredible!

My wife sits right next to the computer, so having a machine this quiet is just a huge win. Yeah, I paid a bit more for your system, but it was more than worth it to get a high-end high quality machine like this that is actually usable, and that my wife can sit next to without damaging her hearing or making her miserable.

Thanks again for making such a great product and for the entire experience.


david burns"

From Washington, D.C.
star yellow iconstar yellow iconstar yellow iconstar yellow iconstar yellow icon 4 weeks ago
"Puget Systems is fantastic. I have now owned my system for a few weeks, and it works wonderfully. It's a beautiful build, and having access to the building process with their online system (you can see the steps being completed as it goes through the process) was great. I also really liked their sales staff and recommendations.

Perhaps even more importantly, their after-sale customer service is just as top-notch and fantastic as their service before and during the sale. I've emailed/called a couple of times over the past few weeks, mostly to figure out how the new machine (and Windows 10) works, and their responses are always helpful, thorough, professional, and candid -- just like when they try to sell you a machine in the first place.

Puget Systems is definitely a premier seller. You do pay extra for the service and top-notch equipment. But the value is absolutely tremendous, and worth it.

My last system was from a different computer maker, in 2006. They were very good. But Puget Systems is amazing, and has more than lived up to the wonderful reviews I've seen on Resellers and elsewhere. It was those reviews, and the overall professionalism of their web site and my interactions with sales staff, that brought me to Puget Systems in the first place.

Now, being a lucky owner of one of their systems, I'd recommend them to all."

Karen Hutchings [Send Email]
star yellow iconstar yellow iconstar yellow iconstar yellow iconstar yellow icon a month ago
"William George was my sales consultant, and he was incredibly patient with me. He started helping me 6/19/2015, and I did not place my order until 10/4/2015. He listened to my needs and provided excellent recommendations, and I never felt rushed to make a decision.

He spent a lot of time and effort explaining his recommendations and answering my multitude of questions. I know I will love my new PC when it arrives next week because I feel confident that it is the perfect PC for my new occupation as a full-time Day Trader.

When you are day trading, it is extremely important that you have the PC you need to be able optimize your income. William George and Puget Systems have provided the perfect PC to meet my needs, and I am very grateful that I was lucky enough to have William as my sales consultant."

Richard McManus [Send Email]
From Washington, DC
star yellow iconstar yellow iconstar yellow iconstar yellow iconstar yellow icon a month ago
"If you're thinking of buying a computer anywhere else - do yourself a favor . . . and don't. Buy it from Puget.

I'm a global expert on shopper psychology and consumer value equations. I spend a great deal of time analyzing and consulting with companies on their brand value and customer experience. This affords me a clear perspective on both good and poor practices & companies.

Puget is not just a good company . . Puget is a GREAT company.

Puget does everything right, and they do it consistently. I purchased a Serenity Computer about 1 year ago. Puget provided honest feedback on components and configurations . . . and it has performed flawlessly ever since. In addition they reached out to contact me at the 6 month and 12 month mark . . . to offer a remote check up to ensure the computer is functioning optimally. When's the last time a computer company (or any company) reached out to you to after the sale . . . to ensure their product is functioning to your satisfaction?

Now that I've found PUGET . . . I can't imagine purchasing computer needs anywhere else."

Donald Steven
star yellow iconstar yellow iconstar yellow iconstar yellow iconstar yellow icon a month ago
"I purchased a Serenity system setup for Linux on an SSD six months ago. It arrived in perfect condition, booted up flawlessly and I've never looked back. It is totally silent, which is perfect for audio. I asked them to install a Gigabyte Ultimate board because it had a PCI slot which I needed for my RME audio card. Not only did they not throw up any objections, they handled the special order promptly and gracefully. Support throughout was excellent. Highly recommended."

David Pierce [Send Email]
star yellow iconstar yellow iconstar yellow iconstar yellow iconstar yellow icon a month ago
"So very pleased with my Serenity!
Big thank you to William George for helping me select the ideal setup.
And huge thanks to the team that gave this machine such attention! Thank you Oscar, JoshK, Kyle, Josh, and Jessica. Fantastic work!"

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Puget Custom Computers Reseller Ratings Reviews