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Nat Caruso

star yellow iconstar yellow iconstar yellow iconstar yellow iconstar yellow icon 6 months ago

"Just turned on my beast rig by Puget Systems and this thing is just soooooo fast and built really well, kudos to Houston and the rest of the team. I will be buying another rig from PS soon, you guys rock."
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Donald Ballantyne

star yellow iconstar yellow iconstar yellow iconstar grey iconstar grey icon 7 months ago

"Your receptionist is a pain in the ass. She would not put me through to Mr Chau without answering 50 questions. After prying, she finally told me he was on another call.

She could have simply put me through to his voice main or taken message."
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Aaron StPierre

From Albuquerque, New Mexico

star yellow iconstar yellow iconstar yellow iconstar yellow iconstar yellow icon 7 months ago

"Let me start by saying that I've been building PC's for years. As you can imagine it was difficult for me to wrap my head around paying the extra money to have them build, test & install my system. Anyway it was time to upgrade my last build and I called Puget and spoke with them about my needs and concerns. I worked with Oscar who assured me that many of their clients are just like me: totally capable but time constrained.

After looking at the actual cost difference I decided to give them a shot! All I can so is that I'm so glad that I did!

I was involved throughout the whole process. The status updates, thermal images and pictures of my computer made the process a joy. The only thing I did miss out on was the actual building the machine but honestly I've built enough computers in my lifetime...

So what's the big deal right? Anyone can put together a machine right? Yes it's true but Puget Systems really goes the extra mile. From the burn in testing to bench marking to thermal imaging under load. Every aspect of the system is meticulously completed and the build steps were presented and checked off every step of the way.

What really put me over the edge with just how much they care is the binder that's included in the accessories which is a complete build log of the system.

I saved a ton of time by having them complete my build but I got a whole lot more than just a computer. I now have a relationship with a company that truly cares about their customers and the products that they create.

Thank you guys very much!
Aaron J. St. Pierre"
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From Frederick

star yellow iconstar yellow iconstar yellow iconstar yellow iconstar yellow icon 7 months ago

"I was sold on Puget Systems after spending an hour so on their extremely informative web site which describes various computer options tailored to a users’ needs. Their concise reviews of each component was easy to understand and navigate. I purchased a basically “stock” PC that I felt met my needs. Online ordering was seamless and fun to “watch” my computer being built. On-time shipment, packaging, and accompanying documentation were superb. Subsequent contact with the company to request several SATA cables and hard copies of the BIOS settings were answered quickly followed by FedEx shipment. Conversations were informative, professional - yet friendly. And Puget Systems followed up to make sure they had answered my needs! After about four months using the system on a daily basis, the computer has been rock-solid and a pleasure to turn on each morning. Kudos to Puget Systems. While I have built my own systems in the past (and, to be sure, it is a rewarding experience), my experience with Puget Systems was extremely positive and I highly recommend them."
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Andy LeBold

star yellow iconstar yellow iconstar yellow iconstar yellow iconstar yellow icon 8 months ago

"If you go to most big box stores, you will find several national brand desktop PCs that are sold at bargain basement prices. If you are lucky, the PC will last for a couple of years, and then it will start acting up – bad memory chips, unreliable hard drives, cheap motherboards, etc. I have purchased plenty of inexpensive PCs, and I have now reached a stage in my life where I am simply tired of compromising. After my last desktop died a horrible death after just two years of use, I decided to get a quality computer. This time I wanted a custom Puget Systems PC. Why Puget Systems? Well, Puget Systems is very well known for their excellent customer service. They helped me configure a custom PC that will meet all of my needs today, as well as several years in the future. I really liked that Puget’s PCs are carefully hand-built in the USA by technicians who really like their jobs and want to build quality computers.

It should be noted that Puget Systems only use the very best components, and all of the computers built by the company are carefully QC tested for a couple of days. I ended up buying a Puget Serenity Pro PC, and it is without a doubt the quietest computer I have ever owned. It is lightning fast, and it is truly the very best computer I have ever owned. I think there is an old adage that truly applies to my purchase -- You Get What You Pay For!"
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Charlie Kemp

From Burien WA

star yellow iconstar yellow iconstar yellow iconstar yellow iconstar yellow icon 8 months ago

"Thanks again Puget Systems for my new GEN 8 Deluge Mini, especially Oscar, Jeremy, and Ben for their help.
This is the third system I have purchased from Puget, because of your awesome support in the past I didn\'t even look anywhere else.
Build was completed in less than a week and I picked it up from the office. Had two minor issues with Windows that day and was helped by tech support immediately. Machine has worked flawlessly since."
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Chris Hunkeler

From Carlsbad, CA

star yellow iconstar yellow iconstar yellow iconstar yellow iconstar yellow icon 8 months ago

"I sent an email with my computer configuration and then followed up by phone. Oscar created a configuration and then Wilson followed up the next day and walked me through the configuration. I had asked for 64 GB of memory and they told me 32 GB would probably be plenty for my use saving me some money. They were right; as I type this I am only using 20% memory.

Wilson personally reached out to me to let me know a new motherboard and CPU chip was available that would be advantageous to my needs. He followed up once they had availability so we could finalize the order.

Their web site allows you to track the order through every step. The only hitch is when the computer showed up much quicker than I had anticipated as the shipping info had not updated the last time I checked. I was thrilled to get it on Thursday instead of having to wait until Monday when I would be back at the office.

The quality of the built computer is exceptional and the performance is great! I highly recommend Puget Systems to anyone looking for a system built exactly for their needs."
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Jim Malone

From Fort Myers

star yellow iconstar yellow iconstar yellow iconstar yellow iconstar yellow icon 8 months ago

"My excitement began at the prospect of finally actually ordering a system rather than browsing the possibilities on the Puget Systems website, which I had been doing occasionally for six months. Originally I was looking for a system to replace our Dell Precision workstation that serves a  database server for our point of sale system. We had spec’d a service contract with the system so that we would be covered in the event of a major disaster. Well, the disaster did occur and the short story is that the service we received was a nightmare. That was when I started searching for most reliable PC builders and found Puget Systems.

I will admit that some of my peers that also use  CADCAM jewelry software suggested that I look into systems using AMD CPU’s and built by popular gaming computer suppliers and I almost pulled the trigger on a system from a California based outfit until I looked at reviews,mostly negative, on BBB website. Thankfully I made a call to Puget Systems and spoke with Oscar who was able to assure me that the Obsidian system that I spec’d would more than meet my needs. After tweaking the build a little adding two Samsung 850 Pro SSD’s in Raid 1 and upgrading to the EVGA GeForce GTX 1070 8GB Blower Edition, I was ready to put down the plastic.

Then began the most exciting part of the whole process...checking the status of MY build! I am so blown away by the documentation and status update system that these folks have put in place (wish we could implement something similar in our custom jewelry design business)! I am almost embarrassed to admit the number of times I logged into my account to see what had happened since the last time I checked! Then the happy day arrived when I got my shipping notification and tracking number!

On the day my system was supposed to arrive, I did not see the FedEx driver all day and we were getting close to closing time, so I called FedEx to see if they could help out, which apparently they could, as the driver walked in while I was on the line with the Customer Service department! Finally, the unboxing! What a pleasure that was, as the folks at Puget Systems did not cheap out on the last details! Double boxed and foam protected, with a very nocely packaged System Information book with complete history of the build with photos and benchmark info, as well as a boot drive(USB) and CD. I decided to to set it up at my office so that I could begin loading the various softwares that I require to work from my home office before I brought it home to replace the laptop setup I had at my desk.

All of the setup and installation of software went very smoothly and quietly and I began putting the machine through its paces by loading a few large .3dm files and opening up Matrix (Gemvision) to see how it performed.Thumbs up2   is all I can say! Photoshop and Lightroom were easily running smoother than my ASUS ROG that I have in my office at the store. I also treated myself to a 28” HD monitor which makes a tremendous difference.

So, I would like to thank all of the many talented individuals that were involved in the building of my Puget Obsidian...Oscar, Jeff, Kelly,Ashley, Ken, Josh, Kari and Alicia, who took my call and prompted me to write this review. I would highly recommend this company to my colleagues and friends!"
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Drew Stone

star yellow iconstar yellow iconstar yellow iconstar yellow iconstar yellow icon 9 months ago

"This was by far the most painless a custom PC has ever been (waiting for it was the hardest part, and that wasn\'t even too long!). From the very beginning, I spoke with a real person who was able to answer all of my questions completely honestly. I had one question about a processor upgrade and whether it would be worth it for gaming - the answer was an extremely honest \"no.\" Instead of up-selling me on something I didn\'t need, they gave me exactly what my machine needed to perform the way I wanted it to. I will most likely be buying all of my high-end rigs through Puget from now on."
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Peter Heyde dba Mad Good

From Marietta, NY

star yellow iconstar yellow iconstar yellow iconstar yellow iconstar yellow icon 10 months ago

"Did you ever call technical support for a major computer manufacturer and swear you were talking to someone in a crowded train station in Bombay, India? Did you understand every word they spoke while they "thanked you so much" for everything but solved nothing after 7 hours and a couple two, three disconnects and start overs. I am a DJ in upstate, NY. About 4 years ago, I knew I was going to need a new reliable computer to do audio production and presentation, and I was all done with the Computer Biggie's blues. I knew nothing of custom computers so I did a lot of research, and everything pointed to Puget Systems. I too thought that they sounded "too good to be true". I spent some time on the phone talking to their sales and technical service dept, but the thing that sealed the deal for me is their LIFETIME!!!! free technical support with an actual person who's primary language is English. I'll let you in on a little secret, this computer had some display problems that were difficult to diagnose and solve when I first got it. I sent it back twice, but they couldn't duplicate the issue thus they tried possible fixes that worked for awhile then more problems. The third time I sent it back (technically out of warranty) they paid overnight shipping round trip from New York to Auburn, Washington, and didn't charge me for anything. See if one of the biggies can say they do that. The second It came back, I knew I was using the best computer I ever owned. Over time, I've quadrupled the RAM, added a 2T second internal drive for my music library and grudgingly said goodbye to Windows 7 x 64 bit. I did the upgrades/installations myself, but before, during and after the upgrades, I called MY Puget tech team for specifications, compatibility and install/usage guidance. They were right there then, and they're right there now. I'll let you in on another little secret. This computer was spec'ed and built to process and play music and videos. It's getting close to 5 years old, and I'll soon be needing to spec the latest and greatest in a rack mount application. It just so happens that in talking to their tech team, I learned that they are focusing on developing just that type of setup. I could build my own with what I've learned about computers but, honestly, It's a no brainer to me to not have their expertise, warranty and more lifetime tech support. It just can't get any better than that. Too good to be true, not so much, but true as true gets!"

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