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Traverse 15 inch Traverse Pro 15 inch Traverse Pro 17 inch

Traverse 15"

Haswell powered, excellent
battery life, value.
Recommended As:
Balanced performance and value laptop
Going-off-to-college laptop

Traverse Pro 15"

Supreme power, superior graphics,
massive storage.
Recommended As:
Ultra Performance Desktop Replacement
Laptop for Professionals & Enthusiasts

Traverse Pro 17"

Our top of the line laptop for
those who demand the best.
Recommended As:
Large screen size & disk capacity
Laptop for Photographers


When shopping for a new laptop, the number of choices can feel overwhelming. At Puget Systems our approach is to simplify things for you.

That means you won't find any underpowered, super-fragile, or over-engineered lemons. We start with a few high-grade, hand-selected components that have proven to be reliable.

We are so confident in the component selection and build quality of our products that we stand behind them with features such as our Dead Pixel Guarantee, Security Etching, Accidental Damage Warranties, and Anti-theft services.


As our customers have come to expect, we not only offer a number of laptops, but can tailor them to fit your lifestyle.

We go far beyond the off-the-rack experience found at most retailers by providing a number of services such a monitor calibration, additional hard drive options, webcam and microphone removal, as well as custom screen and wrap services.

There are dozens of other components you can configure including processors, memory and storage. Tell us what you need from your laptop can we'll tailor one that's perfect for you.


The personal consultation touch you experienced during the sales process doesn't disappear when you encounter an issue or have a question.

Our expert technicians are based in the USA and can be reached by phone or email. We actually enjoy hearing from you, and do whatever we can to ensure you're happy with your computer.

We are proud of the quality of service we provide and invite you to research us, along with our competitors, at Reseller Ratings.


How Our Process Works

Configure - Customize your own laptop from scratch. You're choosing from the best, because we only sell products we recommend and stand behind.

Refine - Let us save you money! Work with our experts to find the best choices for your needs and your budget, to give you the best bang for your buck.

Purchase - Place your order on our secure website. Buy a laptop with complete confidence from our reviews and testimonials.

Track - Follow your order in real-time through our 105 step process, and receive a tracking number by email. Most orders ship in 5-7 business days.