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Ryzen Threadripper Pro Workstation Computers


Threadripper PRO is the result of AMD adapting their server-class Epyc processor line to more workstation-oriented applications. It offers similar core counts and overall performance to the normal Threadripper family, but offers more PCI-Express lanes, eight memory channels, and support for higher amounts of RAM. These advantages require a different chipset, and thus different motherboards, as well as additional cost - but for those needing a combination of massive core counts, memory capacity & bandwidth, and PCIe connectivity the Threadripper PRO platform is hard to beat.

Major Features of AMD Threadripper PRO:

  • 16 to 64 core processors (a 12 core model exists too, but is limited to OEMs)
  • 8 memory channels of DDR4 at up to 3200MHz
  • Support for multiple memory types (ECC and non-ECC, DIMMs and RDIMMS)
  • 128 PCI-Express Gen 4.0 lanes
  • IPMI support for remote management
Threadripper PRO WRX80 EATX

Threadripper PRO WRX80 EATX


Full Tower
1 to 4 GPUs
Up to 512GB of RAM
Windows 11 Ready

Recommended Threadripper Pro Workstation Configurations

AMD Threadripper PRO Articles

Adobe After Effects | Adobe Premiere Pro | DaVinci Resolve Studio

Adobe Photoshop

Game Development
Unreal Engine

Chaos Group V-Ray Next | Maxon Cinema 4D

Molecular Dynamics

AMD Threadripper PRO Specifications

Threadripper PRO 3995WX 3975WX 3955WX
CPU Cores 64 32 16
Threads 128 64 32
Base Clock Speed 2.7GHz 3.5GHz 3.9GHz
Max Boost Speed 4.2GHz 4.2GHz 4.3GHz
L1 Cache 4MB 2MB 1MB
L2 Cache 32MB 16MB 8MB
L3 Cache 256MB 128MB 64MB
Default TDP 280W 280W 280W

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