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Additional Chassis Fan

Additional Cooling

Additional Chassis Fan Picture 22087
This simply adds one more case fan of whatever type is appropriate for your chassis than we would typically install in a system. It is a great way to add a little more cooling, without having to go for a full case fan upgrade kit. Many cases, especially those from Antec and Fractal Design, come with high-quality case fans - so simply adding one more makes more sense than replacing all of them.

We will locate this fan where our technicians think it is more appropriate for cooling your specific hardware configuration, unless you explicitly request it in a certain position.
Wilson Chau (Customer Service Manager)
Wilson Chau (Customer Service Manager) Says:
Recommended if you want additional cooling especially if you have a high end video card.
Jeff Stubbers (Technology Consultant Lead)
Jeff Stubbers (Technology Consultant Lead) Says:
If you are going to add a RAID controller card, or multiple video cards to your system, adding an additional chassis fan is a wise choice. Otherwise this Additional Chassis Fan typically is not necessary, as we will test to ensure your system gets adequate cooling in our suite of tests we run on every system. If we see there is a need for more cooling, we will notify you.
Beth Smasal (Production Technician)
Beth Smasal (Production Technician) Says:
Adding a fan will be a big help if you're planning on adding larger video cards or 3+ drives, strategic airflow is a key component to maintaining the quality of your system.
Model: Puget_Additional_Fan

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Configure a custom computer with the Additional Chassis Fan.