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Creative Sound Blaster Z PCI-E

Sound Card

[ Rear Ports ]

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The Sound Blaster Z is part of Creative Labs' latest generation of sound cards. It features great signal to noise ratio of 116dB, which is aided by the use of gold-plated connectors for the rear connections on the card itself. This card also comes bundled with a beamforming microphone, which allows the card to be used well in combination with headphones that don't have their own boom mic.

Like the entire Z series of Sound Blaster cards it has a 600 ohm headphone amplifier as well as support for Creative Labs' proprietary CrystalVoice and SBX ProStudio 3D technologies.
Jeff Stubbers (Technology Consultant Lead)
Jeff Stubbers (Technology Consultant Lead) Says:
The Creative Sound Blaster Z sound card has a front port header to support audio to the front headphone/mic ports in your case. This card also comes with a microphone, which can be a handy item. Don't worry, the microphone cable is much longer than shown in the photo. ;) It has a cable roughly 5' 10" long. We've tested the mic, and it sounds good -- nothing spectacular, but good (we didn't detect noise or distortion). We were recording in stereo, and we thought the 'directional' recording feature of the mic is too subtle to really notice in our opinion. If it could be purchased separately, we'd spend a max of $25, maybe.

Creative lists this sound card as having ASIO 2.0 support, which is important for audio recording.
Ruben Romero (Senior Production Technician)
Ruben Romero (Senior Production Technician) Says:
The things I like most about the Creative Sound Blaster Z is that it does not require additional power and that the front port audio/mic header is on the back of the card rather than the side. The thing I don't like about the Creative Sound Blaster Z is that it has a red LED that illuminates the general area where it is installed.
Model: Creative Labs 70SB150000000

Slot Type  PCI-Express
Channel Output  5.1 Channels
Analog Input  Mic
Digital Output  Optical SPDIF
Digital Input  Optical SPDIF
Front Audio Signal to Noise Ratio  116 dB
Rear Audio Signal to Noise Ratio  >105 dB
Front-panel Connection  Yes
EAX Support  5.0

  • 116dB Signal-To-Noise Ratio
    Enjoy unparalleled audio fidelity from Sound Blaster Z. A signal to noise ratio or SNR of 116dB means your audio will be > 99.99% pristine audio which is 35.4 times better than motherboard audio.
  • Sound Blaster Beamforming Microphone
    When used with CrystalVoice Focus, the bundled beamforming microphone creates an acoustic zone and suppresses noise outside it, enabling you to be heard with amazing clarity.
  • 600 Ohm Dedicated Headphone Amplifier
    Supports studio quality headphones and headsets of up to 600 ohm impedance. Hear every detail of your audio!
  • Advanced home entertainment audio
    Experience like never before the power of Sound Blaster audio with your home entertainment today! With Sound Blaster Z's gold-plated connectors, speaker optimization technology and digital content encoding capability, you can be assured of only the best digital audio possible.

Headphone Out: 1 x Amplified 3.5mm jack
Speaker Out: 3 x 3.5mm jacks
Optical Out : TOSLINK
Optical In: TOSLINK
Line In / Microphone In: 1x Shared 3.5mm jack


1 Year

  • Creative Sound Blaster Z PCI-E Drivers

Configure a custom computer with the Creative Sound Blaster Z PCI-E.