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Lightroom Workstation

CPU Intel Core i9 12900K
GPU(s) NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070 Ti 8GB
Puget's Take
Puget's Take
  • Optimized for the best overall performance in Lightroom Classic
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Price as Configured



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Customer Testimonials

Forest image from Frank Field Photography

Frank Field Photography's Digital Darkroom

"The compact Serenity desktop system’s physical size is perfect for my work-space. The machine is whisper quiet. I was able to configure a machine that fully met my needs today while allowing for all the future growth. The machine was professionally assembled, packaged and arrived in pristine condition."

- Frank Field of Frank Field Photography

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Furniture with blue cushins and orange pillows

Vomund Photography

"When I’m on a tight deadline for delivery I need everything to work, with no surprises. I want the hardest thing for a PC company to deliver; a custom built machine that is fully tested like a packaged machine would be. Puget Systems offered to me the solution..."

- Rob Vomund of Vomund Photography

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Lightroom Classic Workstation FAQ

I'm thinking of moving from Mac to PC. Can you help?

Absolutely! Over the years we have helped quite a few of our customers make the move from Mac to PC. In fact, it is a large enough number that we have a dedicated Need help moving from Mac to PC? page to answer some of the more common questions we receive.

Do any of your systems support Thunderbolt?

Yes! Our Lightroom Classic workstation shown above does not have Thunderbolt, but we have other system options which do offer Thunderbolt 4 capability. Please contact our consultants to discuss which of our systems would best meet your needs for both Lightroom performance and connectivity, or take a look at our custom configure page and check out which platforms list Thunderbolt support.

How much faster will a new workstation be?

While a new system will certainly be faster, it is extremely difficult to say exactly what kind of performance gain you will see. A general rule of thumb is that for a similarly priced system, you should see about a 10-15% performance gain for every year that you have had your current system, although there has recently been significant performance gains in tasks like exporting and generating smart previews. However, if your current computer is missing features like an SSD storage drive then the apparent performance gain may be much higher.

I have a ton of storage drives. Do you have anything with more room?

We can certainly configure a more workstation with a larger drive capacity if that is what you need, though in many cases external storage may be a better option. Please contact our consultants to discuss your specific needs and the various options we have to meet them.

I'm not sure what system hardware I should use. Help!

Depending on how much you want to dig into hardware and system specs, we have a couple different ways to help. First, we have a Hardware Recommendations page specifically for Lightroom Classic that goes over all the different major hardware components and why you would use one part over another. Alternatively, you can always contact one of our consultants and we can help you configure a system that is perfectly tailored for your workflow. In addition to the contact form above, and our Talk to an Expert link at the top of the page, you can also reach out via phone or email:
Phone: (425) 458-0273
Email: sales@pugetsystems.com

Why Choose Puget Systems?

Built specifically for you

Rather than getting a generic workstation, our systems are designed around your unique workflow and are optimized for the work you do every day.

Fast Build Times

By keeping inventory of our most popular parts, and maintaining a short supply line to parts we need, we are able to offer an industry leading ship time.

We're Here, Give Us a Call!

We make sure our representatives are as accessible as possible, by phone and email. At Puget Systems, you can actually talk to a real person!

Lifetime Support/Labor Warranty

Even when your parts warranty expires, we continue to answer your questions and even fix your computer with no labor costs.

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