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At Puget Systems, we do a LOT of testing. We believe that computers should be a pleasure to purchase and own. They should get your work done, and not be a hindrance. To do that, they need to be the right hardware for the job. We take it on as our mission to test and validate the industry's most popular applications, ensuring the software runs properly, and that our hardware is optimized for performance. We have found that this type of information is often either not available at all, or is extremely dated and no longer accurate. So, we share this information freely. The goal of our recommended systems program is to contribute our knowledge back to the community.

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Live Streaming System
Live Streaming Icon

Live Streaming

Computers for a variety of live streaming situations: from professional gamers and individual creators, to small businesses, all the way up to churches and large event centers with multiple cameras

Virtual Reality System
Virtual Reality Icon

Virtual Reality

Puget Systems has put together systems configured for virtual reality through head mounted displays like the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift

NVIDIA RTX Studio System
NVIDIA RTX Studio Icon

NVIDIA Studio Workstations

With dedicated hardware for ray-tracing and AI inference, the RTX Studio Edition and driver series is built to optimize performance and reliability for professionals

Work from Home PC System
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Work from Home PC

Based on our compact Echo Pro, this is a fixed hardware configuration aimed at handling the work-from-home needs of most users

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Puget Echo Pro


Mini performance
Intel Z390

Puget Obsidian


Proven reliability
Intel Xeon

Puget Spirit


Jack of all trades
Intel Z390

Puget Serenity Professional


Enjoy the silence
Intel Z390

Puget Deluge Pro


Extreme performance
Intel Z390 and X299

Puget Genesis II


Post-production & design
Intel X299 and Xeon

Puget Peak Single Xeon Tower


Workstations for scientific workloads

Summit Server


A powerful and flexible line of servers