Let us know!

As a small business company, we value the personalized touch we offer to our clients. Our goal is to ensure the client gets a great purchasing experience and that the system is tailored to their needs. We try our best to be as thorough as possible when discussing a system quote with a client and ensure we’ve addressed any questions, concerns, or requirements they have. Beyond the usual questions: 

“What do you plan on using the computer for?”
“What software programs do you use?”
“Any particular requirements you have?”
“What’s your intended budget for the system?”

Here are some additional items we’d love for you to let us know:

Multi-Monitors: If you plan on connecting your system to more than one monitor, let us know! We’ll make sure that the video card in your system can support the amount you want.

Monitor Connections: If you know the model number of the monitor(s) you are using and or know the type of connection they take, let us know! We will want to make sure we have the right ports on the video card for your monitor or at least ensure you have the right adapters. 

Username: By default, we set the username to the first name of the person we are shipping the computer to. For example, if that person's name is John Doe, we’ll set the username to “John”. If you prefer a different username or a generic username, let us know!

Prewire Cabling: Our desktop systems use modular power supplies which means we only use enough power cabling to connect the components in your system. If you plan on adding any additional hard drives, optical drive, video card, and or add-on cards that require power, let us know!  We can prewire the system for you so that it’s an easier install. 

No OS: If you opted to get your system without an Operating System, and know what OS you plan on installing, let us know! That helps our production team set the BIOS settings appropriately. It also helps our support team be prepared if you have any issues with your computer.

Other Components: Sometimes a client will install a particular component that we don’t carry like a capture card or network card. If you will be installing additional components when you receive the computer, let us know! We can make sure that the system will be able to support it.

The more information you can provide during the consultation process, the better we can assist. Just let us know