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Replacing the optical drive dust cover on the Silverstone SG10 Chassis

Written on March 14, 2016 by Scott Denoff

The following guide will show you how to open the case to replace the optical drive, and the optical drive dust cover on the Silverstone SG10 case.


Step 1: Remove the side screw and rear screws indicated in the images below.



Step 2: Remove the top portion of the case by sliding it back and off.



Step 3: Remove the 2 screws holding the optical drive tray into the chassis.



Step 4: Remove the optical drive itself, revealing the back side of the dust cover.



Step 5: Remove the 2 screws holding the dust cover onto the chassis.



Once the cover is removed you can replace it and just follow the steps in reverse to put everything back together.

If you run into any issues, please contact your service representative for additional assistance.

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