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Intel Core Workstation Computers


Intel's mainstream processor line has gone by the brand name Core for many years. These chips are built to excel at everyday tasks while also being affordable, and the models that we carry offer some of the best per-core clock speeds and single-threaded performance available.

The latest 12th Gen Core models from Intel are the first x86 chips to include different types of cores on the same die: fast "big" cores for high performance tasks, with high clock speeds and Hyper-Threading technology, and efficient "little" cores that use less power for low priority and background tasks. Combined with the updated thread scheduler in Windows 11, and running on new chipsets like Z690, this design enables both higher processing speeds and better efficiency than previous generations.

For users who need even more cores, higher memory capacities, or support for more than one video card (GPU) we also offer workstations based on Intel's Xeon processors.

Core B560 MATX

Core B560 MATX


11th Gen
Mini Tower
Single GPU
Up to 128GB of RAM

Core Z690 ATX

Core Z690 ATX


12th Gen
Mid Tower
Single GPU
Up to 128GB of RAM

Core Z690 EATX

Core Z690 EATX


12th Gen
Full Tower
1-2 GPUs
Up to 128GB of RAM

Recommended Core Workstation Configurations

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