Automatic Backup and Restore Set-up

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Plug it in and forget about it! With the selection of this service and purchase of any external hard drive assembled from Puget Systems, we will pre-configure your computer to run a weekly backup to the external drive.

This will include a backup of any data stored in your user libraries (Documents, Music, Pictures, and Video libraries) as well as a system image which can be used to restore your system in the event of a hard disk failure. This service is available only for systems purchased with Windows 7/8.

This option will have us setup automatic backup for you via the built in Windows tool.
William George (Puget Labs)
William George (Puget Labs) Says:
I loved the backup capabilities that were built into Windows 7, but they have changed somewhat in newer versions. 8 / 8.1 did away with the image based backup that I found particularly useful, but thankfully Windows 10 has brought that back.

I strongly recommend taking advantage of this setup option if you are purchasing an external hard drive with your computer. I'd also encourage picking a drive at least as large as your primary drive, and better yet as large as all of your internal hard drives combined (if you have more than one). Please note that it makes an image of the whole C: drive, so depending on what all you want to have backed up you may need to set up separate file-based backup of additional drives (or even of folders within the primary drive). This blog post has some more information.
Brett Nordquist (Customer Happiness Engineer)
Brett Nordquist (Customer Happiness Engineer) Says:
Windows 7 and Windows 8 both have a number of backup options. If you purchase an external drive from us at the same time you purchase a new PC, we'll take care of the service for you. All you'll need to do is plug in your external drive. For those who did not purchase an external drive, but are interesting in Windows 7/8 backup options we put this guide together for you. Link:

Note: Available only with the purchase of an external hard drive. Puget Systems will configure your external hard drive to automatically back up your data and OS.

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Configure a affordable custom PC with the Automatic Backup and Restore Set-up.