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Asus Xonar DSX PCI-E

Sound Card

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The Xonar DSX is a mid-range audio card from Asus, designed for use in a PCI-Express x1 slot. It supports more channels and has a higher signal-to-noise ratio than the DG, but less advanced features and a lower price tag than the DX. If you want 7.1 audio support from a dedicated sound card this is a great choice, and a great upgrade from onboard audio. Support for EAX 1.0 / 2.0, OpenAL, and DirectSound is also there - along with Asus' exclusive GX2.5 gaming audio engine - making this a fine card for gamers as well as music and movie lovers.
Jeff Stubbers (Technology Consultant Lead)
Jeff Stubbers (Technology Consultant Lead) Says:
Asus lists this sound card as having ASIO 2 driver support 44.1K/48K/96K/192KHz @ 16bit/24bit. So if you plan to run programs that need ASIO support, such as Adobe's Production Premium Suite, this could be a good sound card choice for you. This sound card comes with a front port header, to support audio to the front headphone/mic ports built in to the front of your case.
Christopher Crader (Customer Support)
Christopher Crader (Customer Support) Says:
To piggyback on Jeff's comment, you can change the ASIO settings by right clicking the Xonar icon in the notification area of your desktop. It's a bit hidden, but the settings are there. I've needed to modify the settings to fix sound latency issues.
Brett Nordquist (Customer Experience Engineer)
Brett Nordquist (Customer Experience Engineer) Says:
I recently swapped out my Creative Labs XFi Extreme Music card for the Asus Xonar DSX-PCI-E sound card after I ran into issues with the XFi card under Windows 8. The Xonar has been a nice upgrade in sound quality without any of the Windows 8 driver headaches I had with XFi. This drives both a 2.1 setup as well as all my headphone listening and it works well in either environment. If you're looking to step up from onboard sound to a quality all-around card, this is my first choice under $100.
Model: Asus Xonar DSX

Slot Type  PCI-Express
Channel Output  7.1 Channels
Analog Input  Mic
Digital Output  Optical SPDIF
Front Audio Signal to Noise Ratio  107 dB
Input Signal to Noise Ratio  100 dB
Front-panel Connection  Yes
EAX Support  3.0

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