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Recommended Systems for Autodesk Maya



Design & Animation


​Utilizing a high frequency Intel Core i7 CPU, this compact workstation is able to provide the best possible performance when creating 3D models with complex animations.

Rendering Optimized


For increased rendering performance, this system is configurable with up to 18 CPU cores and dual video cards to give you faster rendering times whether you are using a CPU or GPU-based rendering engine.


Which system is right for you?

There are so many different models, brands, and revisions of hardware that choosing the right components for your system can be a huge challenge. We've taken the time to perform in-depth analysis to determine exactly what kind of hardware is needed for Maya. This ensures that you will be getting a system that has all the capabilities you need without spending money on components that will not be beneficial.

Design & Animation System

The majority of design tasks in Maya (including creating, modifying, and animating 3D models) is only able to utilize a single CPU core which makes a high frequency CPU - regardless of the core count - an ideal choice for these tasks. Because of this, our design & animation workstation comes with an Intel Core i7 7700K CPU capable of speeds of up to 4.2GHz.

Since there is no need for a hotter, higher core count CPU, we are able to fit this system into a chassis that is only 4.2 inches wide so it can easily fit on most desks or even tucked behind your monitor. Unlike many other compact workstations, this system is still able to utilize a full-sized video card to give you the smoothest viewport experience possible.

Rendering Optimized System

If you find yourself waiting on renders to complete, this system provides multiple ways to improve performance while rendering. There are a variety of rendering engines you may use, but they primarily fall into two categories: CPU-based engines (which are highly effective at using high core count CPUs) and GPU-based engines (which are capable of utilizing multiple video cards to increase performance).

If you primarily use a CPU-based rendering engine (Scanline, Mental Ray, V-Ray, Keyshot, etc.), this rendering workstation allows for CPUs with up to 10 cores which can result in approximately half the render times of our Design & Animation system.

If you are looking for increase GPU-based rendering performance (Iray, V-Ray RT, Octane, etc.), however, this system is also capable of utilizing dual video cards. The exact performance increase varies based on the engine, but using two GPUs can result in anywhere from a 1.5-2x increase in performance over the single GPU in the Design & Animation system.

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