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Recommended Systems for Machine Learning Development

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The 4 GPU Tower version of the Machine Learning/AI Development Server is of the highest build quality and performance, and also exhibits quiet operation.

It is an excellent choice for a multi or single user Server (or Workstation!) that needs to be placed in an environment where noise could be an issue.

The system is pre-configured, simple to use, utilizing JupyterHub, JupyterLab and the Cockpit system-administration interface. The ready to use software stack includes ML frameworks and development tools, TensorFlow, PyTorch, Anaconda Python, etc. Moreover, the configuration is easily extensible for other frameworks and environments both on a system wide basis or by individual users.

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The "Puget Labs ML Dev Server Stack" provides a multi-user, remote access, simple to use, web browser based interface. The "stack" consists of three custom-configured open-source components
  • Cockpit web browser based System Administration interface
  • Miniconda3 Python 3 distribution with the conda package manager
  • JupyterHub serving the JupyterLab web browser based development interface with several ready to use "kernels"; Anaconda3, TensorFlow, PyTorch ...
Consider this option for small teams, workshops, classes, or power-users that need a resource accessible from any web browser or MS VScode.


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To make sure that this is the best hardware for your work, we would like to hear about you, your work, and how we can make it better!

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Currently ships in 6-7 weeks