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Digital Audio Workstation for Pro Tools

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Digital Audio Workstation for Avid Pro Tools

Intel’s Core processors are excellent for Pro Tools thanks to a combination of high clock speed “performance” cores with additional “efficiency” cores to handle multithreading.


Intel’s Core processors are excellent for Pro Tools, and similar applications like Adobe Audition, thanks to a combination of high clock speeds on their “performance” cores with a number of additional “efficiency” cores to handle multitasking and background threads. This platform also supports up to 128GB of memory which is enough for even complex workloads in Pro Tools.

For connectivity, this small and quiet tower system has numerous USB ports (including a few Type C) on the front and back, 2.5Gb wired networking capability, and WiFi. Its size does limit internal expansion somewhat, but there is room for multiple solid-state drives and one free PCI-Express 4.0 x4 slot for an HDX or other expansion card.

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