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At Puget Systems, we do a LOT of testing. We believe that computers should be a pleasure to purchase and own. They should get your work done, and not be a hindrance. To do that, they need to be the right hardware for the job. We take it on as our mission to test and validate the industry's most popular applications, ensuring the software runs properly, and that our hardware is optimized for performance. We have found that this type of information is often either not available at all, or is extremely dated and no longer accurate. So, we share this information freely. The goal of our recommended systems program is to contribute our knowledge back to the community.

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Agisoft Metashape

Generating 3D spatial data in Metashape (formerly Photoscan) can often be a time consuming task, but our workstations are tailor-made to give you maximum performance. Each step of the way - from aligning photos, building the dense cloud, and building the mesh and texture - our workstations have the power to allow you to complete your work faster than ever before.

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Processing images to form 3D maps and models in Pix4D is a time consuming task, but our workstations are built specifically to give you maximum performance. Whether building a point cloud, creating mesh and texture data, or generating DSM and orthomosaics - we have tested Pix4D to find the combination of hardware that will give you the fastest results.

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Turning photographs into 3D models with RealityCapture takes time, but our workstations are built specifically to minimize how long you are waiting on processing and to maximum your productivity. We have developed a benchmark for RealityCapture and tested it on a wide range of CPUs and video cards to find the combination of hardware that will give you the fastest results.

Why Choose Puget Systems?

Built specifically for you

Rather than getting a generic workstation, our systems are designed around your unique workflow and are optimized for the work you do every day.

Fast Build Times

By keeping inventory of our most popular parts, and maintaining a short supply line to parts we need, we are able to offer an industry leading ship time of 7-10 business days on nearly all our system orders.

We're Here, Give Us a Call!

We make sure our representatives are as accessible as possible, by phone and email. At Puget Systems, you can actually talk to a real person!

Lifetime Support/Labor Warranty

Even when your parts warranty expires, we continue to answer your questions and even fix your computer with no labor costs.

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