Windows Update Causing Bluetooth Malfunction

What’s the point of this article?

We wanted to make sure our users were aware of a known bluetooth issue which unfortunately does not have a super simple solution. Microsoft has published a press release about a Windows 10 Update that will 'Intentionally' break some bluetooth devices. The issue has been around since June but we haven't heard much about it until a package of 1903 (KB4503293) was released. The issues seems to be coming up more frequently now.

As for solutions, Microsoft tells all affected users to “contact the manufacturer of your Bluetooth device to determine if a device update exists.”

What will happen

The only way you will know if your device is affected is the abrupt unpairing of your bluetooth device after a Windows update installs. Microsoft's advice is to simply reach out to manufacturers for a software patch for any affected bluetooth devices and it seems this really is the only solution currently available. If you encounter a bluetooth device that is no longer pairing then checking the bluetooth driver page for that particular product is a great place to start. Frequently when these issues arise a manufacturer will release a new software patch that will provide full functionality again. Usually this means simply downloading a software package, running the installer then restarting the computer but occasionally it can be a bit more involved and Puget Systems Support is happy to assist if you aren't able to resolve with a software patch.

If you are not confident that the bluetooth issue you are experiencing is related to a Windows update we actually have a really great guide for troubleshooting your bluetooth connectivity. If you are still experiencing issues after troubleshooting it is likely the afformentioned update causing the problems.

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