If you are happy to use Ubuntu 14.04 LTS (Ubuntu-MATE in our case) then setting up a system with the NVIDIA DIGITS software stack is simple. I’ll give you some guidance on getting everything working, from the Linux install to the DIGITS web interface.

Windows 10 with Xeon Phi

Can you use an Intel Xeon Phi with Windows 10? Yes, you can. However, just because you can do something, doesn’t mean that you should do it! I did a set up and a little testing mainly just to see if it would work — it does!

Molecular Dynamics Performance on GPU Workstations — NAMD

Molecular Dynamics programs can achieve very good performance on modern GPU accelerated workstations giving job performance that was only achievable using CPU compute clusters only a few years ago. The group at UIUC working on NAMD were early pioneers of using GPU’s for compute acceleration and NAMD has very good performance acceleration using NVIDIA CUDA. We show you how good that performance is on modern Nvidia GPU’s

CentOS 7 kernel boot order bug

I have been butting heads with a particularly annoying bug that I hit frequently on installs since I work with systems that need to have kernel modules recompiled for CUDA and the Xeon Phi. I have it mostly figured out and have a fix in this post.