The Puget Systems Consulting Experience: What You Can Expect

Be Not Afraid

I understood that it could be a little daunting to speak with a consultant about a new computer when you may or may not know much about the topic. However, do not be afraid! We have no interest in selling you something you don't need. We both succeed when we are able to match up hardware geared to the specific software you plan to use on your system. You are successful when you are able to get your work done more effectively because you have a system geared to how you plan to use it. When you succeed in this manner, then we hope you will tell everyone else about your great experience with us, which in turn helps us out. So it's a win-win.

High 5

We Have your Interest at Heart

We are not on commission, so there is no incentive for us to sell you something you don't need. You can't feel good about yourself if you are intentionally misleading people. Instead, we truly care about assisting you with the best system for your needs. It makes us feel good when we can help you be more efficient in your job. Nothing is better than helping your fellow man out.


We Run Tests and Tests

Our Puget Labs team tests various hardware setups against software to see how the software utilizes hardware. With this knowledge, our Technology Consultants are able to provide this information to our customers to help them get the best hardware setup based on the specific software they plan to run. Additionally, our Puget Labs team will write articles based off their findings, and make those articles available for all to read on our website. Just check under our Publications > Articles section on our website to see the latest articles written by our team to see recommended hardware for a given program. Our Puget Labs team does have limited bandwidth, so we are not able to test EVERY program out there. We work to test as many programs as we can, provided we can do that testing well.


Here’s What To Expect

After you save a quote, a Technology Consultant will reach out to you by email to ask you which specific programs you plan to run on your system. The point of asking this is that it allows us to provide advice on which specific hardware works best for the software you plan to run. Again, if you succeed, then we will succeed. So please let us know all of the specific programs you plan to run. The more accurate information you provide us, the more accurate advice we can provide to best suit your individual needs. We do not sell software, so we are not asking you which specific software you plan to run in an attempt to upsell you software packages. We don't offer that. Again, we just want to match up the best hardware to how you plan to use the system. Remember, if you have a great experience we hope you will tell all your friends. Then all of your friends can purchase from us too, and get the best hardware for their specific needs as well. It's a cycle that benefits all involved when we work to help one another.

When you save a quote, provide the specific software you plan to run on that system in the "Other questions / comments?" field at the bottom of the configuration page, then we will all be one step ahead in assisting each other. If you are editing video, let us know which codec and resolution you will be editing. Editing '4K resolution' footage will have different hardware requirements than '8K resolution' footage. So if you can, be as specific as possible as that will allow us to provide better advice to you.

Our Technology Consultants will take a look at the hardware you have selected, and the specific software you plan to run on the system to see if they match up well based on the testing we have performed. If it does, we will let you know that. If it doesn't, we will let you know that as well, then make some recommendations on how to tailor your configuration to best meet your specific needs.

Would You Sell To Me?

Yes! We sell systems to individuals that just use their system for checking email, to Hollywood producers, to space exploration teams. Whatever your specific needs, they are not too small, or too big. We only sell systems within the USA, though, so if you are outside the USA, we will not be able to assist you at this time. We are an experience company, and we cannot control that experience when it takes place outside our control with delays at the border, and add-on duties, for example.

We’re Here For You

If you have questions about which hardware to choose to meet your needs, please feel free to reach out to us. You can call us directly at 425-458-0273 Ext 1 during our regular business hours of Monday – Friday 7AM – 5PM Pacific, through our website, or email us at: [email protected]. If you would like a phone call, just email us which day and time would work best for you. We are eager to assist you with a system that will allow you to get your work done, and not get in your way.

I hope this helps!