NVIDIA Quadro GP100 Tesla P100 power on your desktop

NVIDIA has released the Quadro GP100 bringing Tesla P100 Pascal performance to your desktop. This new card gives you the compute performance of the NVIDIA Tesla P100 together with Quadro display capability. That means full double precision floating point capability of the P100 and NVLINK for multiple cards.

NAMD Molecular Dynamics Performance on NVIDIA GTX 1080 and 1070 GPU

The new NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 and GTX 1070 GPU’s are out and I’ve received a lot of questions about NAMD performance. The short answer is — performance is great! I’ve got some numbers to back that up below. We’ve got new Broadwell Xeon and Core-i7 CPU’s thrown into the mix too. The new hardware refresh gives a nice step up in performance.

What is Machine Learning

Machine Learning is getting a lot of attention these days and with good reason. There are mountains of data to work with and computing resources to handle the problems are easily attainable. Even a single GPU accelerated workstation is capable of serious work.

Molecular Dynamics Performance on GPU Workstations — NAMD

Molecular Dynamics programs can achieve very good performance on modern GPU accelerated workstations giving job performance that was only achievable using CPU compute clusters only a few years ago. The group at UIUC working on NAMD were early pioneers of using GPU’s for compute acceleration and NAMD has very good performance acceleration using NVIDIA CUDA. We show you how good that performance is on modern Nvidia GPU’s