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Installing Windows from Scratch

Written on December 2, 2015 by Christopher Crader

Asus Driver Install

So at this point, you've installed Windows, but you still need to get the drivers installed.  There's a couple of ways to do this, but for now, we're going to cover the easiest method, using the Asus driver that came with the computer.  Keep in mind that this is a rough outline - it varies quite a bit from motherboard to motherboard.  If you're using a laptop or server system, this part won't really apply to you.  First off, let's go ahead and put the motherboard disc in.  It will usually be in the binder on the page behind the Windows disc.  Put that in the DVD drive.  It may pop up automatically to start, but if it doesn't, just continue for the next couple of steps below.


Open the Start menu.



Then select "Computer" or "This PC".


Double-click on the DVD drive.


You'll probably get a prompt asking for permission to run the program.  Allow it and then you'll eventually get the install utility.  In the latest version of the Asus Install utility, it gives you the following ad.  Ignore it.  Click on the "Drivers" tab.


Click on the "ASUS InstAll" option here.


This prompt comes up.  We don't need the "recommended tools from Asus, so select the "Install the drivers only" option.


Now we click OK.  After a moment of processing, it will prompt that installation will require one or more reboots.  Select the OK button.


Finally, you get this installer window.  In this version of the utility, it just runs through ads for Chrome while the progress bar does its thing.  Note that it will give you a grossly exaggerated estimated install time.   At this point, I just let it run, coming back every five or ten minutes to see if the system needs to restart.  After you restart, it will start running again.


Since you have the motherboard disc in, you might get a prompt at boot regarding booting into a special environment.  Ignore it - it will eventually just start booting into Windows.  Keep restarting as requested until the install is done.  Once that's done, you've got all the motherboard drivers!  From there, you just need to repeat more or less the same process with the video card disc, if you have one.  If you have any other special components, you can install the drivers for them as well.

Once all that is done, just let Windows run its updates until you're ready to go!


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