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Press Release: Puget Systems Teams Up with Corridor Digital at SIGGRAPH 2022

Puget Systems Teams Up with Corridor Digital at SIGGRAPH 2022 to Showcase Powerful High-End VFX Workflows; Demonstrates Innovative Neural Radiance Field Imaging Systems

Puget Systems and Corridor Digital Provide Sneak Peak Demo of Corridor Digital’s ‘Son of a Dungeon Season 2’ Virtual Production Dungeon Map

Auburn, WA (August 3, 2022) – Puget Systems ( today announced it is teaming up with Corridor Digital ( at SIGGRAPH 2022 in Vancouver next week to demonstrate powerful high-end visual effects workflows in the Puget Systems booth #1033 at the Vancouver Convention Center. 

As part of its presence at SIGGRAPH 2022, Puget Systems will provide a sneak peek demo of the Corridor Digital ‘Son of Dungeon Season 2’ immersive dungeon environment map, created in Unreal Engine 5 and running on customized workstations from Puget Systems. At the booth, attendees will see the virtual set running in real time on a new AMD Threadripper Pro workstation with an NVIDIA RTX 3090. Son of a Dungeon is Corridor Digital’s massively popular Dungeons and Dragons show that mixes live action with sophisticated visual effects on a virtual production set to create an exciting, immersive experience for its viewers. The highly-anticipated Son of Dungeon Season 2 also premieres in the coming weeks and visitors to the Puget Systems booth will get a first-hand look at the visual effects-laden Season 2 dungeon map.

Puget Systems and Corridor Digital will also be featuring a technology demo of an innovative new NeRF (Neural Radiance Field) demo of Corridor Digital’s studio.  These neural network imaging systems sense and predict light sources in animated objects, and in the Puget Systems booth, attendees will see light fields being trained in real time on a new AMD Threadripper Pro workstation with three RTX A6000s.

Puget Systems Recommended Hardware and Benchmarking for Virtual Production

Puget Systems also recently announced it had released its highly sought-after Puget Labs Recommended Systems for Virtual Production report. In this detailed report, technicians from Puget Labs detail key data that studio executives and virtual production artists need to discern the optimal hardware configurations required for complex, real-time, processing intensive virtual production environments – everything from recommendations on what CPU and GPU is best for virtual production, to application-specific recommendations based on users’ needs for motion capture, green screen or LED wall volume applications.

Understanding the demands of each of these platforms at the component level is critical in designing workstations for optimal virtual production system performance. During NAB 2022, Puget Systems will be sharing with attendees key learnings from its extensive research and benchmarking, as well as providing demonstrations of its newly designed custom virtual production workstations.

To review the detailed recommendations, please visit the Puget Systems Recommended Systems report here.  

Pricing and Availability

Puget Systems custom Virtual Production Workstations are available for immediate configuration for a wide range of game development applications. To learn more or to speak with one of our technology consultants, please visit

About Puget SystemsPuget Systems is based in the Seattle suburb of Auburn, WA, and specializes in high performance custom built computers. We emphasize customization with laser focus on understanding each customer’s specific workflow, and offer personal consulting and support that we believe is becoming quite rare in the industry. Our goal is to provide each client with the best possible computer for their needs and budget. For more information or to see how Puget Systems can design a system specifically tailored to the work that you do, please visit