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Recommended Systems for Adobe Premiere Pro

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If you are working with 4K, 6K or 8K timelines, this system includes the fastest hardware currently available for Premiere Pro. With the latest Intel X-series processors, there is no longer a need for an expensive dual Xeon workstation. In fact, not only are they no longer necessary, in most cases they would actually be slower than a system with a single CPU.

Note that our current entry-level CPU for this system is the Intel Core i9 10920X. There are less expensive CPUs available, but in our testing we have found them to be slower than the much more affordable Core i9 9900K CPU that is used in our 4K Editing system.

If you are not sure which hardware choice is right for you we recommend reading through the Recommended Hardware section. And as always, don't hesitate to contact one of our technology consultants if you require assistance or a hardware configuration that is not covered by our recommended systems.

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System Core


SSD for OS and software
SSD for project files, scratch, & media cache
Optional storage drive or dedicated SSD for scratch files & media cache
Optional drive for long-term storage & archiving

Case / Cooling




Software / Preferences

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