What size are your computers?

Posted in Blog on 07/30/2015 by Jeff Q. Stubbers

We thought it may be helpful to see some images of some of our most popular available cases all in one location, next to common items to provide a better sense of scale. I hope this helps give you a better idea of scale for these different systems and their cases.

 (HPC and Scientific Computing)

CentOS 7 kernel boot order bug

Posted in HPC Blog on 07/30/2015 by Dr Donald Kinghorn

I have been butting heads with a particularly annoying bug that I hit frequently on installs since I work with systems that need to have kernel modules recompiled for CUDA and the Xeon Phi. I have it mostly figured out and have a fix in this post.

Computers with Windows 10

Posted in Landing Pages on 07/29/2015 by Jon Bach

Puget Systems is pleased to announce that our line of hand-built, custom PCs are ready for Windows 10. New Windows 10 Pre-Sales will start the week of July 29. This is by far the easiest way to get Windows 10 if you’re ready to purchase a new PC. Configure a Puget Systems PC with Windows 10 now!

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My 4-Month Test Drive of Windows 10

Posted in Blog on 07/23/2015 by Brett Nordquist

We are now less than a week away from official arrival of Windows 10: the operating system that's so extraordinary, Microsoft to give it a higher number. I've been the unofficial guinea pig at Puget Systems running Windows 10 Insider Preview builds for over four months now. In the past, I've installed beta builds of Windows in a VM or setup a dual boot system giving me an eject button in case of disaster. But that's not what I did with Windows 10. Instead, I went five blades. No VM, no dual-boot, no parachute.

NVIDIA Metal Gear Solid V Bundle

Posted in Landing Pages on 07/23/2015 by Jon Bach

For a limited time, get the latest mega hit from Kojima Productions, METAL GEAR SOLID V: THE PHANTOM PAIN, with the qualifying purchase of a GeForce® GTX™ 980 Ti, 980, 970, or 960 GPU or 980/970M notebook.

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Windows 10 - What to Consider Before Upgrading

Posted in Blog on 07/21/2015 by William George

Windows 10 is available as a free upgrade for computers running Windows 7 and 8.1 through July of 2016. Many people are going to want to upgrade as soon as possible, but there may be some reasons to hold off from jumping on the bandwagon right away... or at least worth considering before you take the plunge.

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We appreciate your feedback.

Posted in Blog on 07/17/2015 by Chris Stephens

We focus on feedback because we are in a relationship with every single on of our customers. Like any good relationship, it requires both talking and listening. Can you think of a healthy relationship where one person does all the talking? Too many times companies invest huge amounts of resources on messaging -- manipulating, adding nuance or changes -- when it could come more naturally when you introduce listening into the organization.

Understanding the WD Rainbow

Posted in Articles on 07/15/2015 by Matt Bach

WD has a very diverse hard drive product line that can be difficult to decipher at times. In this article we go over the various 3.5inch hard drive lines from WD to help you decide which is right for your system.

 (HPC and Scientific Computing)

OpenACC for free! -- NVIDIA OpenACC Toolkit

Posted in HPC Blog on 07/14/2015 by Dr Donald Kinghorn

NVIDIA and PGI are offering “PGI Accelerator with OpenACC” free to academia (or 90 day trial for commercial users) under the banner “NVIDIA OpenACC Toolkit”. It’s about time!

 (Customer Service Lead)

Actual CPU Speeds - What You See Is Not Always What You Get

Posted in Blog on 07/09/2015 by William George

Clock speeds on modern Intel processors are not straight-forward, a fact that is attested to by the several articles we have published on that topic in recent years. This can lead to confusion over what CPU to pick when configuring a new computer, especially for higher-end workstations and servers with high core count processors. I am hoping this blog post will shed a little light on that subject, and help readers be better able to select the right CPU for their needs.

Shrinking the Workstation

Posted in Blog on 07/02/2015 by Chris Stephens

Introducing the newer, smaller Peak Mini and Serenity! Same power, smaller size.

Preventative Maintenance: Dusting out your computer

Posted in Support Software Guides on 07/02/2015 by Richard Falk

About once a year or so, you will want to clear out the dust that is in your computer as preventative maintenance to make sure your computer is running properly. Here are some tips for cleaning out the dust in your desktop or laptop.

Reversing front panel door of Fractal Define R5

Posted in Support Software Guides on 07/01/2015 by Richard Falk

Here at Puget Systems Support, one question we get asked pretty often is how to reverse the door on the Fractal Define R5. Here is a step by step video showing how to make that change.

 (Customer Service Lead)

7 Things to Do with Your New Computer

Posted in Blog on 06/25/2015 by William George

I am sometimes asked by customers what they should make sure to do with a new computer before they start using it heavily for work or play. I put together a list of what I consider the basics that just about everyone would benefit from doing, and will share it here.

 (Manager, Sales & Marketing)

The HPC Podcast #8 -- Phi Blowout, SuperVessel and Pain

Posted in HPC Blog on 06/23/2015 by Chris Stephens

Episode #8 of The HPC Podcast, sponsored by Puget Systems. In this episode we discuss the amazing deal on Phi and Parallel Studios, the new -- and free -- OpenPOWER R&D platform and our personal versions of pain.

 (HPC and Scientific Computing)

Xeon Phi 5110p and Free Intel Parallel Studio Cluster Edition

Posted in HPC Blog on 06/22/2015 by Dr. Donald Kinghorn

Another amazing deal on Xeon Phi from Intel! This time you can get a 90% discount on a Phi 5110p and get the Intel Parallel Studio Cluster edition with a 1 year license for free.

 (Manager, Sales & Marketing)

The HPC Podcast #7 -- An update on Xeon Phi

Posted in HPC Blog on 06/19/2015 by Chris Stephens

Don and I give you an update on Xeon Phi and make the argument: developers should be tinkering with it NOW!

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Worth the Wait

Posted in Blog on 06/18/2015 by Brett Nordquist

"Our coffee is roasted each Tuesday." It was Wednesday and I was out of my favorite coffee from Blue Bottle. Add in shipping and I'd have to wait for another week and a half. I considered another brand, but that didn't last long. I decided it was worth the wait for what I consider to be the best. Most companies I do business with take the opposite approach of Blue Bottle: their business is built around speed. Need a Diet Coke? The McDonald's drive-thru is fast. If I need a pizza delivered ASAP I'll call Domino's. Lenscrafters promises eyeglasses in about an hour. And I can't recall the last time I took my car to the dealer to have the oil changed. Speed sells. It's that simple. Of course, there are some services where speed isn't a virtue. For example, I am not interested in the fastest or least expensive lasik surgeon.

Intel Xeon Phi 5110P Special

Posted in Landing Pages on 06/12/2015 by Jon Bach

Buy a workstation or server from Puget Systems with Intel Xeon Phi 5110P, and get a 90% discount on the cost of the Intel Xeon Phi 5110P, and a FREE 1 year license of Intel Parallel Studio XE Cluster Edition!

 (HPC and Scientific Computing)

GTX 980 Ti Linux CUDA performance vs Titan X and GTX 980

Posted in HPC Blog on 06/12/2015 by Dr. Donald Kinghorn

NVIDIA has just launched the GTX 980 Ti and I got to run some benchmarks on one. How is the Linux CUDA performance? Almost as good as the TitanX! This is another great card from NVIDIA for single precision compute loads. We've got some number to show it.

Featured: Recommended Systems for Adobe Lightroom

Posted in Featured Systems on 06/10/2015

Puget Systems has performed extensive analysis of Adobe Lightroom to configure a trio of systems that are designed specifically for the needs of Lightroom users.

Featured: Recommended Systems for Adobe Photoshop

Posted in Featured Systems on 06/10/2015

Puget Systems has performed extensive analysis of Adobe Photoshop to configure a trio of systems that are designed specifically for the needs of Photoshop users.

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The HPC Podcast #6 -- Intel buys Altera

Posted in HPC Blog on 06/08/2015 by Chris Stephens

In this episode, Chris and Don explore the recent acquisition of Altera, by Intel for $16.7 billion in cash. The possibilities for developers are interesting, and the implications for OpenPOWER even more so.

Featured: Recommended Systems for Bitplane Imaris

Posted in Featured Systems on 06/07/2015

Puget Systems has worked extensively with both our existing customers as well as Bitplane sales representatives and application scientists to configure a pair of systems that are designed specifically for the needs of Imaris users.

Featured: Recommended Systems for AutoDesk AutoCAD

Posted in Featured Systems on 06/07/2015

Puget Systems has performed extensive analysis of AutoDesk AutoCAD to configure a trio of systems that are designed specifically for the needs of AutoCAD users.