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RealityCapture Benchmark

Written on May 3, 2019 by William George

CapturingReality Logo (all rights to this image belong to CapturingReality, makers of RealityCapture)

Here at Puget Systems, we have put together a benchmark utility for RealityCapture which measures system performance by running two small projects - a 3D Model and a 3D Map - and tracking the time taken to process each step. This benchmark is freely available to download, below, though running it requires an existing installation and valid license of RealityCapture on a 64-bit Windows computer.

We built and tested this benchmark using the full version of RealityCapture, for which a free demo is available with registration, and it is not known if it will work with RealityCapture Promo or PGM variants. If you try it on one of those, please let us know in the comments!

How to Use the RealityCapture Benchmark

Using this benchmark is quite simple, though you do need to have RealityCapture installed and logged in prior to starting.

  1. Download the RealityCapture Benchmark file by clicking on the blue button above
  2. Once downloaded, unzip "Puget Systems RealityCapture Benchmark.zip" to a location where you have write permission
  3. After it has fully extracted, open the Puget Systems RealityCapture Benchmark folder
  4. Run the RealityCaptureBenchmark.exe file
  5. Wait for it to detect the version of RealityCapture that is installed
  6. At the intro screen, read the description and then click on Start to begin
  7. Avoid using the mouse or keyboard during the benchmark execution - changing focus at the wrong time will interfere with it
  8. When the benchmark is complete, a summary screen will be displayed with the time (in seconds) for processing each step
  9. That information will also be saved to a results file in the same folder, along with some basic system specs, for future reference

You can compare the results from running this benchmark on your system to those we show in future RealityCapture articles.

Please also share your results and system specs in the comments below!