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Revit 2020 GPU Performance

Written on April 29, 2020 by William George


After wrapping up GPU testing in SOLIDWORKS earlier this year, I thought it would be worthwhile to run the same handful of Quadro video cards through their paces in other engineering applications. We don't yet have internal testing developed for other CAD or BIM programs, but there is a good test available for Revit called the RFO Benchmark. We've used it in the past to look at both CPU and GPU performance, and are doing so again for professional video cards in Revit 2020.2.

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Test Hardware

Here are the detailed specs of the test platform we used, along with a list of the Quadro cards we included:

This platform is built around an Intel Core i7 9700K, with very high clock speeds, to avoid the CPU being a bottleneck in this testing. That processor gives great performance in modeling applications thanks to high clock speeds and a decent core count. More than enough RAM was included, to avoid that being a bottleneck of any kind, and a super-fast M.2 SSD was used for the same reason. For the video cards, we included most of the Quadro RTX line - except for the RTX 8000, which should perform the same as the RTX 6000 but with more VRAM - as well as the older Quadro P6000 and some of the lower-cost P-series models.

Benchmark Details

As mentioned in the introduction, we used the RFO Benchmark - specifically version 3.2 for the 2020 release of Revit. It offers multiple test modes, but since the focus of this article is on GPU performance we opted for the "Graphics Expanded" setting and used the "Total" time for each section as our datapoints. The tests were conducted at 3840x2160 resolution and 150% DPI scaling.

I usually like to include a screenshot of benchmarks we use, but with RFO Benchmark there isn't much to show - just results in a text file:

Screenshot of RFO Benchmark results file open in Notepad

Screenshot of RFO Benchmark results file open in Notepad

Results & Analysis

Here is a gallery showing the results from each section of this benchmark, in seconds, with the cards sorted from best performance at the top to worst at the bottom:

All of those charts tell pretty much the same story: these video cards, from the lowly Quadro P1000 to the expensive RTX 6000, all perform similarly. At the most extreme, there was about a 10% difference on the "Activate First View" result. Going up from the P1000 to the P2200 cuts that difference in half, and surprisingly that model came in second place in many of the other tests as well.


Based on the results above, I would recommend the Quadro P2200 as the best video card for most Revit 2020 users. It is a little faster than the P1000 without costing a lot more, and performed very well in all of the RFO Benchmark tests.

If you want something a little more powerful, and with newer features, the RTX 4000 is also a solid choice without breaking the bank. And of course, if you use other software alongside Revit, then make sure you select a card that will work well with all your applications. If you aren't sure how to reconcile the needs of different programs, please call or email our consultants for advice to your specific situation.

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Homsey Architects

It would be really nice to see a few non-workstation cards added to the Revit testing charts. We use Geforce cards for Enscape & Lumion, and use those same cards for production in Revit, but we don't know how they compare to similarly priced Quadro cards for modeling. We have not had any compatibility problems with the GTX and RTX GeForce cards.

Posted on 2020-11-02 18:38:55

Yes, a GeForce test comparison against the Quadro's would be really interesting.

Unfortunately, I would be very surprised to ever see such a test as there's a LOT more money to be made with Quadro cards.

Signs seem to point that for Revit and real time visualization: Gaming machines with gaming GPUs are the future.

Posted on 2021-04-01 17:57:00

In most of the other applications we test, GeForce is actually what we tend to focus on, with Quadro being more secondary. Revit (and AutoDesk in general) is a bit different in that they are significantly more strict on what GPUs are supported than other companies like Adobe. They aren't great about keeping up to date with the latest GPUs, but every single certified GPU for Revit right now is either Quadro or Radeon Pro: https://knowledge.autodesk....

That is not to say that GeForce won't work (99% of the time, it is probably fine), but when prioritizing what we are going to spend time testing, we are naturally going to lean towards the type of hardware that is officially supported/certified. I wish we had unlimited time, but reality tends to get in the way of being able to test absolutely everything we would like to.

Posted on 2021-04-01 18:47:56

Then perhaps try a single GeForce card. Some years ago I've tried Quadro and FireGL certified for Revit cards and there was no difference. There were certified drivers from Lenovo, which made it worse for other software I was using. I have been using Revit from 2007 and most of the time with consumer video cards, rarely with any problems. I am curious if modern quadro cards make any difference but I doubt that.

Posted on 2021-04-13 19:46:49

Hello, we use programs like Revit, Autocad 2D/3D and Civil 3D, Arcgis pro, Rhino and more. I was wondering if quadro's really have the upper hand compared to a 'normal' mobile gpu like a 6800M or RTX3080 mobile?

Posted on 2021-06-20 14:50:23