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Windows Media Center Edition 2005

Written on September 29, 2006 by William George

My Radio

Many MCE TV tuners also have FM radio tuners built in. If your system is equipped with one, you can listen to the radio (FM only - sorry talk radio enthusiasts). It works very similar to car radios in that you can create pre-set stations, or tune freely. You can also do a limited amount of time-shifting, but not full-blown recording.

Tip: If you are getting poor or no reception, make sure the antenna is plugged in to the tuner on the back of the computer, and then try moving the antenna wires around.

Play DVD

This is one of the more obvious features of Media Center. Selecting this option while a DVD disc is in the computer will begin playback of the DVD. It is worth noting, however, that if Media Center is running and a DVD disc is inserted it will either automatically play (if nothing else is already playing) or ask if you wish to begin playing.

Tip: For the best DVD viewing experience, have surround sound speakers and make sure that they are properly set up - both in Windows' settings and in Media Center.


This menu allows you to re-run the initial setup wizard, as well as adjust various other things like TV channel lineups, where TV is recorded, and audio/video properties. It is all fairly self-explanatory, though you may have to look through a few submenus to find the settings you wish to alter.

Tip: If you have trouble changing something or finding a solution, you can get a lot more information and help from enthusiast websites like thegreenbutton.com

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