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Geno Rosario (Technology Consultant)

PC Gaming vs Console Gaming

Written on September 15, 2020 by Geno Rosario

I’m an avid gamer. It’s one of the things I love to do to pass the time late in my evenings after a good, solid bike ride out in the sun. One of the occasionally-hot topics of discussion at Puget with my friends here is which platform is the best one to game on.

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Kelly Shipman (Puget Labs Technician)

The Unreal Engine Benchmark Begins

Written on August 21, 2020 by Kelly Shipman

After spending time researching how various industries use Unreal Engine, I've begun learning Unreal's Blueprint system and have the beginnings of the benchmark.

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Jeff Stubbers (Technology Consultant Lead)

Does Puget Systems Offer a Rush Service?

Written on August 20, 2020 by Jeff Stubbers

If you are looking to get expedited service for getting your computer from Puget Systems more quickly, this is the post for you!

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Jared Lewis (Technology Consultant)

Consultant's Corner: Building a Workstation for Blender

Written on August 12, 2020 by Jared Lewis

A recent call from a customer came with a unique problem: She needed a system optimized to run Blender, a program that Puget Labs has not yet directly tested. Blender is an open-source application used for a host of content creation, from animation and visual effects, to virtual reality, rendering, and computer games.

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Kelly Shipman (Puget Labs Technician)

Being Adaptable

Written on July 31, 2020 by Kelly Shipman

Being adaptable is a key tenet of any business. That is especially true when the needs of your customers can change pretty quickly.

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Kelly Shipman (Puget Labs Technician)

Unexpected Data

Written on June 26, 2020 by Kelly Shipman

A lot of what we do in Labs is somewhat predictable. But what we are really looking for is the unexpected.

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Jon Bach (President)

The Path to Change

Written on June 17, 2020 by Jon Bach

Each of our voices may be small, but together we can make a difference, and we’re already seeing signs of that happening! This is a painful time for our country, but it is also a time of renewed hope, where we have a chance to grow and better live up to the principles on which this country was founded.

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Kelly Shipman (Puget Labs Technician)

Progress Comes in Many Forms

Written on June 12, 2020 by Kelly Shipman

The benchmark continues to progress, and results are rolling in.

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Eric Brown (Marketing Manager)

Silence Is A Luxury

Written on June 8, 2020 by Eric Brown

Puget Systems' employee, Eric Brown, talks about current events and his message for those trying to make sense of it all right now.

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Arianna Smith (Shipping Technician)

Give Me Liberty

Written on June 8, 2020 by Arianna Smith

Puget Systems' employee, Arianna Smith, talks about current events and her message for those trying to make sense of it all right now.

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Cameran Varner (Production Technician)

It's Right In Front of Your Face

Written on June 4, 2020 by Cameran Varner

Puget Systems' employee, Cameran Varner, talks about current events and his message for those trying to make sense of it all right now.

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Geno Rosario (Technology Consultant)

Managing Your Child's Internet Usage

Written on June 1, 2020 by Geno Rosario

While the entire world has been in quarantine for the last few months, many of us have had to stay home with our kids out of school. For some, that means we’re working as they’re doing school work, or enjoying some of their free time online.

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Jon Allman (Support Technician Lead)

My Journey into Gaming on Linux

Written on May 26, 2020 by Jon Allman

To the folks that know me, it’s no secret that I’m not a fan of Windows 10. Microsoft has made a number of decisions leading towards gathering more data and controlling the overall user experience. So what happens when I decide to install Linux and Steam for gaming?

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Kelly Shipman (Puget Labs Technician)

Dissecting the Unreal Engine 5 Demo

Written on May 15, 2020 by Kelly Shipman

The week, Epic revealed Unreal Engine 5. With it, a lot of new tech, and a lot of new questions.

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Kelly Shipman (Puget Labs Technician)

Encouraging Game Playing Kids to Become Game Making Kids

Written on May 15, 2020 by Kelly Shipman

With all the stay at home orders in place across the country, and world, parents are struggling to keep their children both entertained and educated. Let look at a few ways to use games to teach some new skills.

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DJ Bailey (Technology Consultant)

My Experience Joining the Team at Puget Systems

Written on May 13, 2020 by DJ Bailey

Have you ever wondered what it's like to work for Puget Systems? As one of Puget's newest Technology Consultants, and with barely five months under my belt, I may not have as nuanced an insight into the company's inner workings than some of my peers.

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Jeff Stubbers (Technology Consultant Lead)

Does Puget Systems Offer Payment Plans?

Written on May 12, 2020 by Jeff Stubbers

If you are wondering about payment options when purchasing a system from Puget Systems, this is the post for you!

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Chad Warmenhoven (Support Technician)

Barky Bark and the Funky Bunch

Written on May 12, 2020 by Chad Warmenhoven

Our family and what they're all about

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Brett Nordquist (Customer Experience Engineer)

An Interview with our Post-It Note Artist

Written on May 10, 2020 by Brett Nordquist

Puget Systems is full of skilled computer builders. But we also have employees with many other talents. One person I'd like to talk about today is someone with a unique talent who has found a way to share it with a few of our customers.

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Ashley (Production Manager)

Precautions to Help Stop the Spread of Covid-19

Written on May 8, 2020 by Ashley

Discussing precautions we're taking to help stop the spread of Covid-19.

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Kelly Shipman (Puget Labs Technician)

One Step Forward, One Major Step Backward

Written on May 8, 2020 by Kelly Shipman

Continuing my search for a script to remove all Autodesk software from a computer makes progress, only to find a totally new, and major problem.

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Jared Lewis (Technology Consultant)

Ask a Consultant - Do I Need Dual CPUs for Photoshop?

Written on May 8, 2020 by Jared Lewis

Working with a Puget systems Technology Consultant can save a lot of time, and take a lot of headaches and worry out of the process of selecting a system.

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Mark Anthony Maninang (Technology Consultant)

Surviving the Quarantine

Written on May 7, 2020 by Mark Anthony Maninang

My name is Mark Anthony, named after the Roman general, not the singer. Looking back on the past 2 months of working from home I’ve learned a lot. Working from home has become the new normal for many of us here at Puget Systems.

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Geno Rosario (Technology Consultant)

A New Normal

Written on May 6, 2020 by Geno Rosario

Quarantine life has hit all of us pretty drastically. At first, it was a bit of a shock to realize that businesses were even thinking about shutting down. “Is this real?” “There’s no way the virus could be that deadly, right?”

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Chad Warmenhoven (Support Technician)

Prepping Pandemic Puppers

Written on May 6, 2020 by Chad Warmenhoven

The lock-downs have changed a lot of things for all of us. For someone who already works from home, it doesn't seem a whole lot different. For now, I'm using my spare time to better train our foster animals. We regularly have a foster or two in our home and the Coronavirus won't change that!