Does Puget Systems Offer a Rush Service?

Puget Systems does not offer a Rush Service. However, we do offer a Priority Build Service. What's the difference? A Rush Service indicates that a system would go through processes more quickly, or perhaps even skip some processes or testing. That is not something we believe would serve our customers or us. Our processes are very important to ensure the quality of each and every system, and we will not rush systems through them.

Our Priority Build Service provides your system with priority for parts allocation, and puts your system at the front of the line at each stage of our processes. In this way it provides your system the best chance to be completed as soon as possible, without sacrificing quality.

Guaranteed Faster?

Will adding the Priority Build Service guarantee that I will get the system faster than your typical turn around time? No.

While the vast majority of orders with our Priority Build Service get completed in roughly half the time it normally takes a system to go through our process, we do not guarantee adding the Priority Build Service will complete your system sooner. It simply gives your system the best chance to be completed as soon as possible.

We never guarantee delivery dates, as then there would be an emphasis to ship a system on a specific date regardless of quality, rather than once a system has successfully passed all of our testing, and that would neither well serve our customers or us.


The price of our Priority Build Service is based on our current workload. Please talk to your Technology Consultant to get current pricing on this service.

How do I add the Priority Build Service to an order?

If you are interested in adding our Priority Build Service to your configuration, please discuss this service with your Technology Consultant. They will be the ones capable of adding this to your configuration. Adding this service to your configuration before the order is placed will provide the best chance to have the system completed as soon as possible.

Also, you may wish to discuss with your Technology Consultant switching to components we have in stock for the best chance to get your system completed as soon as possible with this service.