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Case Study with Larry Pruitt

Posted on 12/13/21

In 2015, Larry founded Sierra AeriformĀ asĀ a drone service company providing flight services and post production services.

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Case Study with EJ Hassenfratz from School of Motion

Posted on 09/15/21

Before EJ joined School of Motion, he was freelancing and teaching via tutorials on his Eyedesyn channel on YouTube as well as LinkedIn Learning and Cineversity. He sort of stumbled into creating tutorials, but by making them, he discovered how much he enjoyed the process of teaching, empowering, and encouraging artists.

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Case Study with Ash Thorp from ALT Creative, Inc

Posted on 08/23/21

Ash Thorp started ALT Creative, Inc with his spouse several years ago. Their primary reason for starting a company on their own was to assume more control and direction over their creative work and careers. As owners, they can take on projects that allow them to expand their creative efforts while offering a wider range of services to their clients.

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Case Study with Anton Thallner

Posted on 06/13/21

Anton grew up making skateboarding videos in the suburbs of Philadelphia, where he fell in love with visual storytelling and augmenting the world around him using computer software. After studying Film & TV at Boston University, he moved to LA to work in the VFX and Motion Design industries.

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Case Study with Robert Walker from Walker/Fitzgibbon TV & Film and Walkersound, Inc.

Posted on 04/28/21

Robert W. Walker is a legendary on-air personality in broadcasting. Walker began his media career while still in high school, when he landed a job as the youngest on-air personality ever on a #1-rated radio station in the mid-west.

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Case Study with James Markham Hall Jr.

Posted on 01/21/21

James Markham Hall, Jr. is a graduate of the North Carolina School of the Arts, School of Filmmaking and serves as a Director, Cinematographer, and Actor in the entertainment industry.

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Case Study with Benjamin Eshagpoor from beMOTION & dESIGN

Posted on 12/27/20

Ben Eshagpoor is the talented Creative Director at beMOTION & dESIGN. He went to film school to study cinematography, before moving to Los Angeles. While he spends his days working with photography, motion graphics, and 3D artist, he is most proud of being a husband and father to two boys.

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Case Study with Norb Caoili

Posted on 12/14/20

Norb Caoili is the Seattle Seahawks superfan who created the popular YouTube channel called NorbCam.

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Case Study with Pye Jirsa from SLR Lounge

Posted on 11/17/20

Pye Jirsa is the founder and partner of SLR Lounge and Lin and Jirsa Photography, a boutique Southern California photography studio comprised of an incredible team that shoots over 300 weddings each year, with nearly 1,000 yearly client commissions.

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Case Study with Will Gibbons

Posted on 10/27/20

Will Gibbons creates stunning product renderings and animations for innovative and quality physical products. Before launching Will Gibbons Design, he was traveling the world teaching designers how to render their products.