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Case Study with Sky Realty Productions

Posted on 11/27/19

Sky Realty Productions of Jacksonville, Florida provides complete, turn-key videography and photography production services for all types of projects and needs. Simply put, no other company can recreate our one-of-a-kind products by including both aerial and ground-level perspectives.

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Case Study with Contractor Nation

Posted on 11/14/19

Contractor Nation is a network of home improvement, repair, and service contractors. We spoke with IT Team Lead, Brandon Carr, to find out more about the work he and his team do for the company along with understanding how workstations from Puget Systems help them build creative solutions for both internal and external customers.

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Case Study with Bellevue Dental Care

Posted on 08/23/19

Dr. Minnoch has been providing dental care to his patients for over 22 years and is no stranger to utilizing the latest tools and technology in his dental practice. He has chosen workstations and servers from Puget Systems to meet the needs of his modern dental practice.

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Case Study with Predictive Engineering

Posted on 05/29/19

Clients approach Predictive Engineering with a design for a product which can range from satellites to submarines. We worked with them to create a workstation with enough power to handle their diverse workflow.

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Case Study with Argonne National Laboratory

Posted on 04/01/19

Argonne chemists use artificial neural networks to read molecular spectra. They enlisted the help of Puget Systems to build them a workstation that could be used to train convolutional neural networks.

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Case Study with SFFILM

Posted on 03/31/19

Puget Systems worked with SFFILM to customize workstations for their independent filmmakers like Molly Stuart which help bring their creations to life.

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Case Study with Our Voice USA

Posted on 03/28/19

Our Voice USA worked with Puget Systems to build a customized workstation which helps them build tools to engage citizens in the political process regardless of their economic status.

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Smarter Every Day 4K Editing Workstation
Rendering 4.4X Faster in Adobe Premiere

Posted on 10/20/18

Smarter Every Day generates huge amounts of 4K and high speed footage content, and needed a high performance workstation that could keep up with their work. With a new workstation from Puget Systems, their post-production workflow is 4.4X faster!

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Case Study with SubVRsive

Posted on 10/19/18

SubVRsive, experts in VR, AR, and 360 video content, worked with Puget Systems to design workstations they help them create engaging content for customers that include Google, Walmart, Ford, AMD, and Showtime Sports.

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Case Study with Utah State University

Posted on 05/30/18

Professor George and his students at Utah State University used three Puget Systems workstations, along with photogrammetry and virtual reality programs, to design a new, sustainable community on Powder Mountain in the Ogden Valley of Utah.