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Recommended Systems for DaVinci Resolve

Resolve 2-4 GPU, 1CPU Main Picture

No matter the type of footage you work with, this system gives terrific all-around performance in DaVinci Resolve Studio. In fact, while this system only supports a single CPU, it will typically be faster than a more expensive dual Xeon workstation if you work with H.264, ProRes, DNx, or many other types of footage.

Even with a single CPU, this workstation can utilize up to four GPUs (three if you want a PCIE playback card) and a wide range of storage options including NVMe, SSD, and platter drives. While Resolve doesn't typically need a high amount of system RAM, if you work with Premiere Pro or After Effects you can configure up to 512GB of RAM for the situations where high RAM capacity is necessary.

System Core

3x accelerators (for 4 GPUs total) is only possible if you do NOT select a Blackmagic Decklink card.


Recommended: Dedicated project file drive

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