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THEN: - before Puget -
I began my career with a local printing company, where I worked my way up from being temporary labor to being a full-time service representative. When the company needed a fleet of computers, I was selected as the project coordinator and computer systems manager. Those opportunities led to the responsibility of their website creation and to managing their internal systems. The experience and confidence I gained from these responsibilities are what made Puget Custom Computers possible.

NOW: - here at Puget -
I started Puget Systems in 2000 in my parents' basement! I've enjoyed growing the business, repeatedly moving locations to accommodate our growth. I appreciate being able to run a company with integrity and old fashioned values, and I am fortunate to have great employees that share those values. Few of us here have a background in the computer industry, and the more I get involved in the industry, the more I see that this is a very good thing. There is so much hype and disregard for the end user in this field, so I appreciate that we can detach ourselves from that and bring a fresh approach to building computers.

I built my first computer myself while I was in high school, which was an interesting learning process. I used the cheapest parts I could find online. Should I admit that it caught on fire? I probably shouldn't say that. It definitely taught me that the cheapest hardware is often higher cost in the end, after you put out the fires and replace everything that breaks!

I appreciate speed, but more than anything I value reliability. To that end, I am a believer in simplicity. No RAID for me, no SLI, no liquid cooling. Give me a simple computer, with a modern platform and quiet cooling, and I am happy. It's a toss-up between our Obsidian and Genesis I, but I'd probably go with the Genesis I for speed (this is a DREAM computer, after all).

I love lightweight programs that run fast. There are a number of these programs I install on any computer: Paint.NET, Open Office, Google Chrome, Notepad++ (for programming), 7Zip, CCleaner, and VLC.

LIFE: - outside Puget's walls -
I am an avid trumpet player, and enjoy nothing more than the opportunity to volunteer for any church orchestra or musical I can find. I enjoy spending time outside with my wife and kids, and taking the jeep up into the mountains. Drive as high as you can on a logging road, then get out and scramble the rest of the way to the top!

Burien, WA

Jon Bach's Recent Comments:
  • Jon Bach (President) Says:
    We considered over a dozen coolers with highest reviews, and brought in 6 for testing. This CPU cooler was the quietest, most secure, and cooled the best. We even built up a computer, packaged it up, and simulated shipping damage to see how the cooler would hold up. It did very well. I highly recommend this CPU cooler for quiet operation. For even higher performance cooling (with a tad bit more noise), you should consider the Corsair Hydro series instead.

  • Jon Bach (President) Says:
    This is definitely my favorite chassis. The cost is reasonable, and the value for the money is excellent. It is quiet, high quality, and versatile.

  • Jon Bach (President) Says:
    We have a long happy history with Seasonic power supplies, and they're the best out there. I really like that even though this is an inexpensive power supply, it still has very quiet operation, and fully modular cables. The modular cables make the inside of your PC cleaner, since we since don't install cables we don't need (we still pass them along in the box in case you need them in the future). It also means that if you have a problem with the power supply and have to swap it out, you don't have to rewire the entire PC -- you just unplug the cables, swap the unit, and plug back in the cables.

  • Jon Bach (President) Says:
    We have negotiated pricing with Cyberlink for this software, so it is cheaper to buy here than just about anywhere else. If you plan to play Blu-Ray movies, you should buy this, and let us install and test it for you, so it is ready to go out of the box.

  • Jon Bach (President) Says:
    I have been using the 4 stream version of this card at home for years, and it is rock solid. I'm never going back to TiVo or a Comcast DVR!

  • Jon Bach (President) Says:
    The performance on this drive is great, and 10 year warranty is downright amazing. We have a long history with Samsung SSD, and they are the most reliable and consistently best performing drives we've ever worked with.

  • Jon Bach (President) Says:
    The performance on this drive is great, and 10 year warranty is downright amazing. We have a long history with Samsung SSD, and they are the most reliable and consistently best performing drives we've ever worked with.

  • Jon Bach (President) Says:
    The performance on this drive is great, and 10 year warranty is downright amazing. But 128GB is pretty small these days, I recommend at least 256GB. We see it time and time again -- 128GB is fine at first, but after you install a few programs and load some documents, pictures and videos...you run out of space pretty quickly.

  • Jon Bach (President) Says:
    The performance on this drive is amazing, and is nearly double what you find on any SATA based SSD. Highly recommended if you can afford the higher cost!

  • Jon Bach (President) Says:
    I used to be a MS Security Essentials fan, but it has gone downhill lately. I'm very pleased with Avast. We looked a lot of free options out there, and many of them are pretty annoying with all the ads they pester you with. Avast is one of the best we know of, and it does a great job detecting viruses too. There are a few annoyances, such as a bunch of tools it tries to install during setup, and sounds that it plays. But we disable all of that when we install it here.