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How to safely pack your computer for shipping Updated on 5/1/08 by
Shipping damage is a risk to take seriously when shipping computers. We see a large amount of computers that arrive at our facility with damage because they were packed incorrectly. Follow this guide to safely pack your computer and prepare it for shipping. View instructions for:
Malware and Virus Removal Guide Updated on 5/28/15 by
Here at Puget Systems Support, we find that people have trouble with popups, malware, or viruses from time to time. We have created these two guides to walk you through removing those offenders using free tools available online.

Configuring Bitlocker in Windows Updated on 3/25/15 by
A TPM module allows you to encrypt your hard drive with Microsoft Bitlocker. This article shows you how to set up Bitlocker in Windows.

Using System Image Recovery Updated on 2/17/15 by
This is a guide which shows how to use the System Image Recovery feature of Windows 7 and Windows 8. It's meant to be used with the Restore DVDs we make using the built in imaging utility in Windows.

7 Signs You May Have A Virus Updated on 3/3/14 by
Our customers occasionally call us with questions about a virus or malware they've heard about. They want to make sure their computer hasn't been compromised, but they aren't sure what symptoms to look for. We designed this article to help you determine if your computer has been compromised. Some malware is easy to recognize, such as the pop-up warning message that appears to come from the FBI below.

Attaching a Wifi Antenna Updated on 2/27/14 by
At Puget Systems we offer a number of motherboards, some of which include wireless networking capabilities. This is often referred to as 802.11 A/B/G/N or AC.

Data Migration with Intel SSDs Updated on 8/15/13 by
A short support guide on how to clone your hard drive to a new Intel SSD using the Intel Data Migration Software

Sharing Made Easy With Windows HomeGroup Updated on 8/12/13 by
Networking two more more PCs can be one of the most frustrating tasks of ownership. For years, many users emailed documents back and forth to themselves because getting to computers networked together was so cumbersome. Microsoft must have been listening to frustrated customers because they released a nifty feature called HomeGroup that allows a group of PC connected to a home network to share pictures, videos, documents, music and printers with other people in your HomeGroup.

Backup Options Included With Windows 7 Updated on 7/21/13 by
Microsoft Windows includes a number of built in backup options, and there are a lot of free and commercial backup utilities available as well. Add in dozens of various online backup services, and itís no wonder why many people are confused about which option best suits their their needs.

Save Time With Ninite App Installer Updated on 7/16/13 by
One of the most time consuming parts of purchasing a new computer is installing all your programs. Itís not always easy to remember what programs you had installed, but one trick I've used on Windows is to open Control Panel, click on Uninstall or Change a Program, maximize the windows and take a screenshot that shows a list of all installed programs.

Migrating Data From Old to New PC Updated on 7/14/13 by
The excitement that comes from taking delivery of a new computer can be quickly tempered when faced with the task of reinstalling programs and moving all your files from the old PC to the new model. Iíve setup half a dozen new computers of my own and understand how overwhelming it can be. There are some tasks that havenít change much over time, but others are much easier today due to new products and increased internet speeds.

Puget B550i Component Replacement Guide Updated on 4/17/13 by
This guide gives step-by-step instructions for removing and installing various components into the Puget B550i laptop. This also applies to the Sager NP2252 as well as the Pro-Star/Clevo W25AEU.

THX TruStudio Pro on Puget Traverse Laptops Updated on 4/13/13 by
Many of our laptops come with software for optimizing the way the built-in speaker sound. However, this software - at its default settings - can negatively affect the way audio sound over headphone or external speakers. This article talks about why we use it, and how to resolve any negative impact it is having on your use of other audio output devices.

Puget V752i/V552i Component Replacement Guide Updated on 4/12/13 by
This guide gives step-by-step instructions for removing and installing various components into the Puget V752i and V552i laptop. This also applies to the Sager NP6350 and NP6370 as well as the Pro-Star/Clevo W350ETQ and W370ET.

Moving Windows 7/8 Libraries Updated on 2/11/13 by
Libraries in Windows 7 and Windows 8 are a great way to organize your data, but sometimes you will want to change the default location for the libraries. There are two methods to do so, both of which we will show in this article.

Windows 8 User Settings Updated on 10/24/12 by
Changing account settings and adding new users is something that has to be done on any computer system, and unfortunately Windows 8 makes the process a bit more complicated than previous operating systems. In Windows 8 there are now two different ways to change and add user settings, each of which allows different settings to be changed.

Overclocking Failed Errors Updated on 8/6/12 by
One of the few annoyances we've seen with ASUS motherboards is their temperamental attitude towards even minor electrical disturbances. Some factor of their design makes it so that improper shutdowns, blackouts, or brownouts can somewhat easily result in loss of the CMOS settings. This results in a troublesome little error indicating that an overclock has failed! Few people who experience this are actually overclocking, and that it doesn't say what went wrong or how to fix it, so this error can be really frustrating! Luckily, a fix for it is actually pretty quick and easy.

Solid State Drives: Tips for Reducing Used Capacity Updated on 1/23/12 by
When using a solid-state drive capacity is at a premium. The things that can be most affected by a SSD's speed - the operating system itself, programs, and important files to be edited - need to have priority. There are a lot of other things that are located on the primary drive (C:) by default, though, so if you find yourself low on disk space here are some things to try!

Computer does not turn on Updated on 5/26/11 by
This troubleshooting guide will help you to fix the most common problems that keep your computer from turning on. Answer each question carefully, even though the questions are very simple in the beginning!

How to replace the optical bay latch on an Antec ISK300-65 Chassis Updated on 5/10/10 by
If someone forces open the door on your Puget Echo I system without pushing it in to release the latch, the latch can break. Replacing it is simple if not easy. This guide provides some photos and details that may help.

Common Problems: No Audio Updated on 4/21/10 by
One of the more common support calls is from a customer who is not getting audio when using their computer. While this can be indicative of a bad sound card, in the vast majority of cases it turns out to be a misconfiguration. We've put together this quick guide to walk through some of the more common issues one can run into when the audio goes out.

ResellerRatings.com Testimonial Submission Updated on 4/9/10 by
As a customer of Puget Systems, the best way you can help us is to give us your feedback and to tell others about us. A great way to do both at the same time is to submit your opinions about us on a public ratings site like Reseller Ratings!

How to run Memtest86+ Updated on 4/9/10 by
A guide to testing your system's RAM.

Asus Motherboard Internal USB Header Pinouts Updated on 4/8/10 by
This is just a reference page for Asus Motherboard Internal USB Header pinouts. This should apply to most motherboard's internal USB headers.

Removing Instapak Foam Updated on 3/19/09 by
How to remove the Instapak Foam from your computer.

How to Repair Windows XP Updated on 5/15/08 by
If your Windows XP installation becomes corrupt and you cannot boot into Windows normally or through Safe Mode, it may be possible to repair Windows without having to completely start over with a fresh installation. A Windows XP repair installation will overwrite the operating system files back to the original state, while leaving your programs and documents intact. This guide explains the process for repairing a corrupt Windows XP installation.

Adding and Removing Programs in Windows XP Updated on 5/15/08 by
A quick guide to installing or removing programs or Windows components in Windows XP.

Adding and Removing Programs in Windows Vista Updated on 5/15/08 by
A quick guide to installing or removing programs or Windows components in Windows Vista

How to Install Windows Vista Updated on 3/11/08 by
A walkthrough guide on how to perform a fresh installation of Windows Vista on a standard computer.

How to Install Windows XP Updated on 1/15/08 by
A walkthrough guide on how to perform a fresh installation of Windows XP.

How to use Windows Vista Startup Repair Updated on 1/1/08 by
This guide steps you through a startup repair of Windows Vista.