How We Sell Computers at Puget Systems

One of the things I love about my job is being able to talk to clients and finding out something interesting about them and their computer needs. The conversation will often involve the merits of purchasing the computer from Puget System which I've discussed before in the past. However, a few recent conversations I've had involved why the client chose to purchase a system from us which I found quite fascinating because they weren't just comparing us to big box retailers, but other custom PC boutique shops.

A very common theme is how transparent we are in regards to our service and product as well as the plethora of information we provide on our site. This has a lot of do with our Puget Labs department in terms of the qualification articles we publish and the recommended systems we suggest for various programs and usage. Even at the micro level, our staff will provide feedback on various components that we offer, giving you a personalized review of your options.


We don't have a flashy site where we're drawing you in with some huge discount nor does our site cater to only gamers which was another comment that was conveyed. Gamers do make up a good portion of our sales, but so do general users, business users, professional users, HPC users, etc. What we find is that they want something that just works in a system they can rely on. You can certainly find higher speed memory modules, extreme overclocking, or even some tricked out flashy systems from our competitors. We're just not about the hype. We have always favored reliability over absolute speed.

The staff in the sales department don't think of ourselves as "salesman" because that label assume we're trying to push you to a particular purchase or get you to spend more money than you should. We like to think ourselves as "consultants" with the goal of providing you with the best information, so that you can make an informed decision. Shop around. Compare. If you buy from us…that's great. But if you buy elsewhere that's fine too. 

We're a resource for you. Use us!