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Is Puget Systems Too Good to Be True?

Perhaps the thing we hear most is that our testimonials are too good to be true, so we thought we would make a page dedicated to demystifying this myth! The first place you can verify our customer feedback is Reseller Ratings, where they monitor testimonials by IP Address, Invoices, and even phone calls.

Our goal is total customer satisfaction. Does this cost us money? Sometimes. Does this make us more money in the long run? Absolutely! A fundamental business practice that I, Jon Bach, was taught early on in life was that it is the purpose of any company to serve its clients, not just take their money. Focus on giving instead of receiving, and the profits will follow! With that mentality, word of mouth is the lifeblood of our company growth. We have always seen proof of this, through referrals both on and offline.

However, when it comes to whom you can trust we do completely understand your concern. There are a lot of frauds out there. Believe us, we know! Over time, we have found website after website stealing our content, sometimes word for word. In certain cases, we've even seen our testimonials copied word for word. In other cases our Hardware Articles have been copied. We contacted a few offenders and they have removed this content.

To give you an idea of just how much fraud is out there, we have provided a few example searches that make it clear companies are attempting to adopt our history and our information to gain credibility for themselves. That's just fraud, plain and simple. Buyer beware!

Our "In a world where businesses strive to take your money" statement:

Our "The internet provides unique opportunities" statement:

Our "We emphasize complete control" statement:

Our Puget Custom Computers "was founded with the goal" statement:

How in the world are our potential clients supposed to know who they can trust!? Hopefully we have shown you, you do have to be very careful. We can only hope that the magnitude of information you see at our website, and the wealth of consumer feedback on various outside sources will help you trust us. We really do want your business, and will work hard at getting your future business as well.

We have grown exponentially over the years, and plan on continuing this growth and to continue to make our clients brag about us, our products, and our service!

If you see someone copying our content, please notify us! We will add them to this page immediately. If you have copied our content, please remove the copied content - and let us know, we will make note of it. Simply email to let us know, thank you!